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  1. The Essentials For A Pub Visit With Your dog

    Pub Visit Essentials!

    Now the pubs and cafes are back open, we're so thrilled to be able to start socialising and help support local businesses again, we're also really excited to take our dogs along! But, a visit with your dog means does mean you need to ensure that are as comfy and happy as you are. With our range of pub visit essentials, you can easily make sure your dog is safe and at ease so you can both enjoy your visit. 

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  2. Top Tips for Dog Camping!

    Dog Camping!

    Let's face it, our dog is part of the family! This means that when it comes to taking holidays, having to leave your dog behind can be heart-wrenching, even if it's just a week! That's one of the biggest advantages of Camping - It makes bringing your dog with you so much easier. We have put together everything you need for Dog camping, including what to bring, what to do, where to go, and more!

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  3. Dog Friendly Easter Egg Recipes!

    Hoppy Easter!

    Easter is a time for loved ones and every year we celebrate by hunting hidden chocolate eggs all over the house and garden! This year, we wanted to get our four-legged besties involved, which is why we've put together a quick and easy recipe for Doggy Easter Eggs. That way they can join in on all the fun and have an egg-cellent time...

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  4. Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool!

    Keep your woofs cool!

    As of Sunday, British Summer time officially begins, and being hot is no more comfortable for your dog than it is for you. Throw in a shaggy coat and a day full of exercise, and your dog can be forgiven for getting a little hot under the collar. That's why we're delighted to share the Top 5 ways to keep your dog cool as the “Beautifully warm” British summer officially commences!

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  5. Returning To Work? Prepare Your Dog!

    Don't Leave For Work!

    Our furry friends won’t be able to understand Boris when he tells us it’s time to go back to work and resume our normal lives! And after spending countless days in your company and having undivided attention, your woof is likely to see you leave for work and think “Where are you going? Take me with you”?...

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  6. First Aid Tips For Your Dog

    First Aid For Pets!

    Would you know what to do if your dog was choking? Or if they break their leg? Knowing what to do in an emergency can be the difference between life and death, so check out these top tips for common pet emergencies...

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  7. Help Reduce Your Dog's Anxiety

    Reduce Dog Anxiety!

    Just like people, our beloved pets can develop anxiety too, and some are naturally more disposed to the condition than others. Understanding the factors contributing to your pet’s anxiety can help you determine the best approach to helping your pooch.

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  8. Celebrate St. Patricks Day With Your Dog!

    Paddy's Day!

    Celebrate this year’s St. Patrick's Day with your four-legged best friend! Check out these top recipes and tips to get your woofers involved and make it a day to remember…

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  9. Top 5 Best Lightweight Raincoats For Dogs

    Top 5 Raincoats!

    Spring is fast approaching, and the weather is changing! Despite your dog's own coat, they're by no means waterproof and their fur can easily get matted, dirty, and difficult to clean which can be extremely uncomfortable for your beloved pooch!

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  10. What's Your Carbon Paw-Print?

    Eco-friendly products for our beloved pets are becoming more and more popular. Here at Not In The Dog House, we are incredibly proud to offer a range of ethical and sustainable dog food brands that can help reduce your carbon paw-print.

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  11. Spread the Puppy Love

    Valentine's Day!

    This weekend is Valentine’s Day, and of course, we couldn’t have a proper Valentine’s Day celebration without our one true love - Our beloved woofers!

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  12. Dog Friendly Pancake Recipe!

    Puppy Pancake Time!

    We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We also know that it’s very likely your pooch wakes you up at the crack of dawn for breaky every morning! In the spirit of pancake day, and because, well… pancakes are flipping delicious, we thought we would share a woof-friendly pancake recipe with you.

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  13. Wilsons Dog Food - A Food with Better Digestibility

    Do you want to know why Wilsons Dog Food is better than any supermarket-bought dog food? It’s simple, it’s because it’s pressed at a lower temperature of 65°C to help retain key nutrients!

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  14. Dog Friendly Pizza Recipes!

    National Pizza Day!

    It's National Pizza Day (The best day ever)! We wanted to celebrate by sharing some pup-friendly Pizza recipes, and tips on how to make the pawfect pizza, so your woofer can grab a slice of the action!

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  15. The Barking Bakery!

    The Barking Bakery

    The Barking Bakery believes that our four-legged pooches deserve cake too. And so do we, especially on special occasions like Valentine's Day, Birthdays and Woofmas.

    The Barking Bakery commenced their journey in the creation of quality cakes and treats for pups from their very own kitchen. They have now extended their range to include doughnuts, pupcorn, and even wedding cakes (we are not joking). 

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  16. And They Call It Puppy Love

    Puppy Love

    Everyone loves puppies. It’s scientifically proven that they’re heart-meltingly cute. But there is more to our four-legged snuggly buddies than just adorable puppy eyes… (At least we think so).

    In honor of the beautiful pups that bless us with unconditional love, here are some facts that will make you love puppies even more!


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  17. It's Burns Night!

    Celebrate Burns Night in Style!

    Celebrate Burns Night in Style!

    On the 25th of January, Scots and their friends around the world celebrate Burns Night - an evening of Scottish culture and laughter celebrating the life of the legendary poet - Robert Burns. So on Monday, when you toast in celebration, don’t forget to raise a glass to Burns’ best friend and of his greatest inspirations… His beloved Border Collie, Luath. 

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  18. Get Grooming Like A Pro!

    Animology is a multi-award-winning pet care brand that offers a wide range of products to help clean your mucky pups, cats, horses, and more! All Animology products are of the highest quality and are used by the owners of championship show dogs, so you can be sure you’re only using the best for your beloved pooch, cat, or horse!... And better yet! All our Animology products are now 3-for-2!

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  19. Turn Up The Heat!

    Fellow Yorkshire brand Hot Dogs have developed a collection of ultra-safe Heated Dog Beds in a variety of styles and sizes which are all named after famous Yorkshire beauty spots. Once you feel how toasty these beds get, you’ll be after one for yourself!


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  20. New Year, New Pooch


    The Pawfect New Year Resolutions to make your Pooch Happier and Healthier.

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  21. Your Festive Photos of 2020


    To get even the most grinch-like among us in the festive spirit, here is a compilation of some of the festive photos you’ve sent us of your pooches! Enjoy!

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  22. Beware Of These Christmas Dangers To Your Dog

    Christmas may be the time for us all to over-indulgence in tasty treats and decorate the house with the perfect festive accessories, but be careful to avoid these little-known dangers to dogs over the Christmas period.  

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  23. Handy Products For Walking Your Dog In The Dark

    It’s now dark in the morning and dark in the evening, so the likelihood of you needing to walk your dog in the dark at the moment, is frankly very high!


    Here are our recommended products for ensuring you and your dog stay safe on those dark, wintery dog walks. 

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  24. Hey FRESCO!

    FRESCO means "fresh". And that's exactly how ingredients for healthy dog ​​nutrition should be. 

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  25. Must Have Christmas Dog Toys For 2020

    Your dog is more than just a pet - they're a part of the family. So it's no surprise that Christmas gifts for dogs are becoming more popular every year. Our range of Christmas toys for dogs (and puppies, who aren't old enough to know better!) will bring the spirit of Christmas into their lives and most certainly set their tails wagging!


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  26. Top 5 Best Dog Christmas Advent Calendars

    Now bonfire night is out of the way, it’s officially CHRISTMAS! Yay! Ok, ok, maybe a little too soon, but it is time to start thinking about which advent calendar you’ll be buying for that special someone if your life… the dog!

    Here are our top 5 advent calendars for dogs which will make the countdown to Christmas the best one yet!

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  27. Our Best 5 Winter Dog Coats

    I don’t know about you guys, but we’re really starting to feel the chill on those early morning and late-night dog walks now, the big coat is well and truly out! 

    So what about your dog? Have they got a suitable winter ‘big coat’ which will keep them warm, dry and safe? Fancy some inspiration? Well, here is a rundown of are our top 5 best winter dog coats. 

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  28. These Have Legs... Literally

    Does your dog love running through muddy puddles or do they really feel the cold when you’re out walking in the elements? If so, let us introduce you to RUKKA Pets.

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  29. Introducing HOTTERDog Equafleece Dog Fleeces

    If you own a dog and you don’t own a HOTTERDog Equafleece, you need to read this!

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  30. Homemade Halloween Dog Treat Recipes


    Say happy Howl-o-ween this year with these fa-boo-lously tasty Halloween dog treat recipes. Bone-appetite! (sorry).

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  31. Top 5 Memory Foam & Orthopaedic Dog Beds

    Dogs spend 80% of their time sleeping which can be between 12-14 hours per day, lucky things! So investing in a good quality dog bed is essential for their health and well being. 

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  32. A Dog Owner's Guide To Autumn Dangers

    As we enter Autumn, one of the prettiest seasons, we need to ensure that our dogs stay safe and healthy on those beautiful, crisp walks and within the home. We’ve compiled a list of some of the common, yet little-known dangers Autumn can bring for your dog. 

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  33. Top 5 Best Raincoats For Dogs

    It’s that time of year again when you need to dig out the winter wardrobe, dust off the wellies and brave the wet and muddy dog walks. To also help keep your dog warm and dry, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 waterproof dog coats. Plus, for a limited time there’s also 10% off the entire waterproof dog coat range… hurry though, the offer ends Tuesday 29th September.

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  34. Your Dog's Weird Habits Explained

    Do you ever wonder why your dog has that mad 5 minutes of zoomies, or why they sometimes seem intent on eating grass? Well, read on…

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  35. Want to Make Walking Your Dog a Doddle?

    So your dog has decided to do their business right beside a busy road. You drop the roll of poo bags while trying to tear one off, then you try to pick up your dog’s mess while balancing the lead in one hand, unravelled roll in the other, all while trying to seem like you’re totally in control… sound familiar?

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  36. Make Your Own Dog Treats At Home With These 5 Recipes

    Want to make your own tasty and healthy dog treats at home? Give these 5 super simple recipes a try!

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  37. Do You Know The Benefits Of Turmeric For Your Dog?

    Does your dog suffer from stiff and achy joints? Have you noticed them struggling to jump up onto the sofa recently? Or do you own a breed which is prone to developing arthritis? 


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  38. Fox Poo Shampoo Anyone?

    All dog owners have been there at some point, you think your dog is having a majestic roll in the lovely, fresh grass… but in reality, they've found a stash of fox poo and are smothering themselves in it right before your eyes. Great!

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  39. How To Get Your Dog To Listen

    We’ve all either been there ourselves or witnessed some poor owner in this situation before...

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  40. Top 4 Best Dog Beds For Summer

    You know those nights when you sleep with just a sheet on as the duvet is too hot? Wouldn’t it be great if your dog could do the same?

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  41. The Eco-Chic Dog Range Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

    When we heard about a dog brand who were making sustainable dog beds and accessories from recycled plastic bottles and used clothes, we just had to get on board.

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  42. How To Treat Your Dog For Fleas

    Fleas are tiny, jumping pests (they can jump 100 times their height!) that live off the blood of animals, they can be found on dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, foxes and hedgehogs. 

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  43. Dog Travel Essentials

    With the weather now slowly starting to resemble Summer, you’re probably thinking about travelling a little further afield with your dog. But have you considered how safe your pooch is in the car? Or how safe your car is from them!? What if they get too hot in the sun, or need to dry off after a quick dip? Don’t worry, we got ya!

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  44. How To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

    Your dog’s oral health is a vital part of caring for your four-legged friend. Dog’s teeth are not just used for chewing, they’re used for playtime, exploring and for restyling your slippers! Poor oral health can lead to bad breath, yellow teeth, build up in plaque and a whole host of other horrible bacteria related issues.

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  45. The Top 4 Best Dog Harnesses For Summer

    Even though you wouldn’t guess, it is actually summer and when the weather does eventually get warmer and sunnier, you’re going to want to take your dog on lots of exciting adventures outside. So why not have a sturdy dog harness to keep them safe, secure and comfortable all day long.


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  46. Dog Cooling Essentials

    We love it when the British weather finally gets it right and actually gives us some sunny, warm days but have you thought about how your dog copes in the heat?


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  47. Do You Know The Benefits of Raw Dog Food?

    Dog’s were eating food long before man invented the over-processed, grain-filled kibble you find from the low-end brands. Processed, low-quality dog food was invented purely for our convenience and to keep production costs down, not for your dog’s health.

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  48. 5 Tips To Help Separation Anxiety When You Return To Work

    We’ve all seen the funny memes of how we’ve adapted to spending lots more time at home during the lockdown but with going back to work on the horizon for most of us, have you thought about the toll this could take on your dog?

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  49. New To The Joules Dog Range

    The Joules dog range has been very popular with lots of customer woofles sharing their photos with us on social media - so, we’ve expanded the range! 

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  50. Our New Puppy Essentials Checklist

    Eeeeekkkk, you’ve got a new puppy on the way! How exciting, but have you thought about what to toys to buy them, chosen healthy reward treats, how to groom them? Read on for our puppy essentials checklist!

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  51. Matching You, Your Dog & Your Home

    We’re Not in the Dog House, and we like to match our dog… there, we said it! Ahh, it feels good to admit it… now it’s your turn... 

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  52. Why KONGs Are Great & What To Fill Them With

    Stuffing a KONG with treats or homemade recipes provides long-lasting enjoyment for your dog and helps alleviate boredom if they’re on their own for long periods of time. The KONG itself also has a unique shape which gives it an unpredictable bounce which triggers a dog’s chasing instinct.

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  53. 4 Quirky, Unique & Healthy Treats For Your Dog

    When it comes to treating your dog do you ever feel like you’re always buying them the same old training treats? You know, the ones which smell of nothing and end up hanging around in your coat pocket for months? Well, we think your dog deserves tasty, nutritious and exciting treats and that’s why we have compiled a list of our top 4 quirky dog treats! 

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  54. A Virtual Unboxing of the Dog Birthday Gift Set

    Dog Birthday Gift Set

    So, it’s your dog’s birthday and they can’t go see their friends because we’re in lockdown, what’s the next best thing? Send them a Doggy Birthday Gift Box - and you don’t even need to leave the sofa! Or, does your dog’s BBF need treating? You can do that too, just pop a gift message in so they know who to thank. 


    Here is a virtual unboxing on the Doggy Birthday Gift Box so you know what your good boy or girl will be getting...

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  55. Introducing Ruffwear, For Outdoor-Loving Dogs & Humans!

    Ruffwear have two passions, the outdoors and dogs - and that’s why we love them!


    The brand initially started out creating functional items to support working dogs but soon saw there was a need for high quality, performance gear for any dog who loves the outdoors. 


    Their products which include, harnesses, collars, leads, coats and much more are designed to enhance a dog’s outdoor experience and inspire exploration for both dog and human. Here are our top 3 picks from the Ruffwear range.

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  56. Bath Your Dog Or Puppy Like A Pro!

    Washing your dog is never an easy task no matter how large or small they are. The entire room gets soaked, you get soaked and your dog somehow ends up being the driest!Here is our useful guide along with some handy products and tips to help bath time become a doddle!

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  57. Seriously Cool, Must-Have Dog Accessories From House of Paws


    House of Paws is one of our favourite brands here at Not in the Dog House as they offer a whole host of useful, yet beautifully designed dog accessories. Some you need, some are just purely for fun. Continue reading for the House of Paws dog accessory round-up!


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  58. Top 5 Hypoallergenic Dog Food Brands

    Just like humans, every dogs’ dietary requirements are different, that’s why we stock a wide range of Hypoallergenic dog food. To help you decide which brand, type and even treats to choose from, here are our top 5 hypoallergenic dog food picks and why! 

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  59. 3 Reasons Why We Love Edgard & Cooper

    Find out why we think the new Edgard & Cooper dog food range is the perfect diet for your dog or cat. And check out their handy Busy Day Bars, for healthy snacks on the go! 

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  60. NEW IN! Barbour Wax and Quilted Dog Coats

    When you think of the Barbour brand, their iconic British-made wax jackets will likely come to mind first, and rightly so. But, what would you say if we told you your dog can have their own too? Don't worry, we did a happy dance as well!

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  61. How To Care For Your Dog If You Need to Self Isolate

    The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not a topic we wanted to cover on here, but as it’s now very much a reality in our day-to-day lives, we’d like to offer some practical and helpful advice for dog and pet owners, should you need to self isolate. 


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  62. Match Your Dog In The Joules Dog Coat Range


    Yep, you heard that right… you and your dog can now match one another using the Joules dog coat range! Here are our top 3 picks!

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  63. 5 Tips For Taking The Perfect Photo Of Your Dog


    Whether it’s for your dog’s Instagram page, a family portrait or just for fun, here are five handy tips to help you snap the perfect photograph of your dog! 

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  64. Bake A Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

    What better way to celebrate your dog’s birthday than with a doggy birthday cake! 


    You could spend hours searching the internet for a dog-friendly birthday cake recipe, or you could give The Innocent Hound Dog Birthday Cake Mix a whirl. It’s simple, no fuss, made in Britain from locally sourced ingredients, is 100% grain-free and doesn’t contain any nasties. 

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  65. Top 5 Best Dog Coats for Sausage Dogs or Miniature Dachshunds

    We know it’s a struggle to find the perfect sized dog coat for your miniature dachshund or sausage dog, that’s why we’ve created this handy guide listing the top 5 dog coats for miniature dachshunds or sausage dogs! Let’s jump in:

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  66. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Dogs - Top 5 Picks

    Say 'I Woof You' with these top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for that special dog in your life! Valentine's Day only comes around once a year, so treat your dog to what they love most.


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  67. The Sophie Allport Home & Dog Range (P.S. it matches!)

    “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” - William Morris. 


    Your home is also your dog’s home, and it’s really hard to find beautiful and functional items for your dog that compliment your decor. That’s why we now stock the dog range from award winning designer, Sophie Allport


    Sophie Allport’s country living and wildlife inspired designs will be sure to fit into any style of home and kennel! So, without further ado, let’s jump paws first into our round-up of the best selling dog and home Woof range by Sophie Allport

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  68. Our Top 4 Picks From The Danish Design Range

    Danish Design is a classically British brand based in Yorkshire (hey neighbour!). Their products are authentic and high quality and were one of the first brands we stocked because of this. So, here’s our top picks across the Danish Design range (plus, there’s 10% off for a limited time):

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  69. Why You Need A Ruff & Tumble Drying Coat in Your Life

    Find out why your dog (and you!) needs a Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat, and also what makes the Ruff and Tumble coats so special! 

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  70. A Guide to the Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food

    If there is one New Year’s resolution you should consider making this year, it could be to switch your dog to a better diet. 

    Here at Not in the Dog House, we stock a huge range of cold pressed dog food. Read our handy guide to see if you should switch your dog to a cold pressed dog food diet today. 

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  71. Our Top Winter Picks from the Fat Face Dog Bed Range


    If you know of British fashion and lifestyle brand Fat Face, then you’ll recognise their quirky yet tasteful style anywhere, but did you know they also have a dog bed range? Yep, that’s right, you can get the iconic style Fat Face are known for, in a stylish dog bed for your pooch.

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  72. Introducing the Joules Dog Range to the Not in the Dog House Family

    We all know and love British brand Joules for their coats, wellies and accessories, but did you know they’ve now created a range for your four-legged friend? Yeah, we’re pretty excited too! 

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  73. Top 5 Winter Dog Coats 

    With the cold winter months rapidly drawing in, it’s not just dog owners who need to wrap up warm. Our range of dog coats are waterproof, durable, practical, and made with warm material for all shapes and sizes - ensuring your dog is kept comfortable whatever the weather. 

    Here are our top five winter dog coats this year:

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  74. New dog foods from Billy and Margot

    New dog foods from Billy and Margot

    Billy and Margot have recently launched their new Dog Food range. They have launched a range that includes new dry foods, wet food tins and new wet food pouches, as well as giving some of their treats a new look!


    Their new dry dog foods come packed with nutritious ingredients and delicious flavours, and it's all grain free. You'll find the number one ingredient is fresh meat or fish, for example the Chicken + Superfood recipe is made up for 72% chicken! 


    Within their range you’ll find a variety of delicious animal proteins, including salmon, lamb, chicken, wild kangaroo, wild boar, wild venison and duck, as well as several superfoods and fruit and vegetables, including Manuka honey, coconut oil, tumeric, ginger root, kale, spinach, carrots, pumpkin and blueberries.

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  75. Tribal Pet Foods added to our catalogue

    At Not in the Dog House, we are proud to announce the arrival of products from Tribal Pet Foods to our expansive range of high-end treats. Tribal is one of the fastest-growing and most trusted brands in the pet food industry and aims to provide the finest foods science and nature are capable of delivering.

    Tribal use research gathered not only from dog owners but its own group of Tribal Elders, who are experienced organic chemistry experts. Key decisions are also made by looking at food production, natural products and the health and nutrition needs of dogs. 

    The company is known for its range of Tribal TLC products. Tribal TLC is a range of cold-pressed products based around fresh meat. At least 98% of all the ingredients in TLC dog food are processed below 95°C. TLC products are available in adult, puppy and senior lifestages, with vast amounts of joint care supplements being included in the non-puppy recipes.

    Tribal also offer a range of nutritious dog treats including healthy ingredients from natural sources you won’t find in most pet food products. All treats are made in eco-friendly wood-fired ovens and are designed to help you provide your pet with a wider range of nutrients. Supplying some of the lowest temperature dog food on the market, the team use gentle cooking methods to provide nutritious recipes that taste fantastic, with pets of all ages being catered for.

    Not in the Dog House is a leading supplier of premium pet products from some of the most reputable brands around. The company was launched after we experienced our own challenges in sourcing the right products for our beloved pets. Our product range is designed to help you enhance your dog’s happiness and well-being, and we can even provide delivery free of charge when you spend over £35 on products including dog food and treats from Tribal and many others.

    We are currently stocking a substantial number of Tribal pet food products. These include:

    • Coconut, Banana & Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits
    • Beef & Tomato Dog Biscuits
    • Senior/Light Grain Free Turkey Recipe
    • Tribal Puppy Grain Free Turkey Recipe
    • Puppy Grain Free Turkey Recipe
    • Grain Free Salmon Adult Dog
    • Apple, Mint & Ginger Dog Biscuits
    • Liver & Lavender Dog Biscuits
    • Cheese, Carrot & Sunflower Seed Dog Biscuits
    • Chicken & Flaxseed Dog Biscuits
    • Tuna Dog Biscuits

    You can get in touch with us at any point if you do have any queries about any of the products in our range, including not only our premium pet food but our treats, toys, grooming products and more. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive 10% on your first order.

    To contact us today, simply send a message to help@notinthedoghouse.co.uk. You can also follow us on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also support a number of popular payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

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  76. Now stocking Lily's Kitchen

    We are pleased to announce that we now stock the full range of Lily's Kitchen! We have stock of dog, puppy, cat and kitten food and treats, and as its from Lily's Kitchen we think it fits perfectly in the range of other products that we sell.

    To help launch Lily's Kitchen on Not In The Dog House we are giving 10% off your first Lily's Kitchen order with the code LILY.

    For those of you that haven't heard of Lily's Kitchen you can expect only real fresh meat in delicious recipes all responsibly sourced. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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  77. McAdams Chicken and Salmon

    Some of you may have already tried this but we have recently started selling the new McAdams Chicken and Salmon range. Continuing with their Ultra Premium Dog Food this builds on the already successful Chicken range.

    McAdams are renowned across the UK and beyond  for only using Whole Free Range British Chicken, but now they have added Sustainably Farmed Scottish Salmon into the mix! Complimented with the likes of sweet potato and fruit and veg and then gently baked to perfection.

    We find the added benefit of Salmon really makes a difference, not only is there additional health benefits for both joints and a good coat we also find it has less powder in the bottom of the bag and holds things together better.

    As always McAdams comes in 2kg, 5kg and 10kg bags and is available in Small, Medium and Large Breed take a look at the full range here.

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  78. Gift packs for dogs

    We have recently started to do gift packs for dogs, in our mixed cases we include some of our bestsellers and favourite products. We like to make things simple for you so if you are looking for a gift or maybe a Christmas present for your dog, take a look at some of the packs we have started doing. dsc_0009_aTo kick things off we have launched with a Treat and Walkies gift box  with our bestselling lead and collar and some treats to train your four legged pal on a walk. The full box contains the following and costs £85. 1 x Pampeano Dog Collar 1 x Pampeano Dog Lead 1 x House of Paws Cream Bowl 1 x Kong Classic 1 x Billy & Margot – Honey & Banana Nutritious Training Biscuits 125g 1 x Billy & Margot – Apple, Banana & Carrot Nutritious Training Biscuits 125g 1 x Billy & Margot – Strawberry & Apple MINI Nutritious Training Biscuits 100g   We also have a play time gift box which is £32.50 and contains plenty of things to keep your pooch entertained.dsc_0005_a 1 x Tweed Hare 1 x Duck with tennis ball tail 1 x Kong Classic 1 x Billy & Margot – Honey & Banana Nutritious Training Biscuits 125g 1 x Billy & Margot – Apple, Banana & Carrot Nutritious Training Biscuits 125g 1 x Billy & Margot – Strawberry & Apple MINI Nutritious Training Biscuits 100g 1 x Pooch and Mutt – Feel Good Tube
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  79. Christmas crackers... for dogs!

    purplecrackersOk we've said it, we've mentioned Christmas already but we are super excited to have got in Christmas crackers for dogs from Billy and Margot. We have four crackers in four different colours with four different treats inside to keep your dog entertained while you stuff your faces around the dinner table! We have the purple cracker that contains an antler! For those that haven't given your dogs antlers before you've been missing out on hours of peace. Not sure how you explain around the dinner table that your dogs got Rudolph's antlers... The antler Christmas cracker is just £9.99. bonecrackerswebNext up we have the yellow cracker that contains a Venison marrow bone, one of our best selling individual items, the venison marrow bone Christmas cracker is just £7.49. Moving swiftly on we've got the pink cracker, this one is filled with venison treats again another one of our bestsellers, our venison treat Christmas cracker is just £6.99 Finally we have the orange cracker containing Billy and Margot apple, banana and carrot biscuits this is the cheapest cracker of the bunch at only £5.99 which you can find here. Don't make your dog feel left out this Christmas, and remember we want to see photos of them pulling their crackers.   treatscrackerswebabccrackersweb
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  80. Sukie’s new collar

    We love seeing customers photos, here's Sukie in her new Pampeano Collar 14374429_1083773368344943_1137671517_n

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  81. Sukie's new collar

    We love seeing customers photos, here's Sukie in her new Pampeano Collar 14374429_1083773368344943_1137671517_n

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  82. Dogs & Horses Leads and Collars

    We love the range of Dogs and Horses leads and collars that we have in stock. If you haven't heard of Dogs & Horses then they set out to create the finest handmade accessories in the world using only the best materials with a fashionable twist to their designs.

    Having featured in many magazines such as Tatler and Vogue they are certainly recognised for their high quality of work and style. With most of the collars coming with colour details in either, blue, green, pink, red, and orange there is bound to be something to suit your pooch. 

    Dogs and Horses also do a great range for hounds with extra support for dogs with long necks.

    Checkout our Dogs and Horse Collar and Lead collection here.

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  83. Billy and Margot Food and Treats

    To compliment our ever growing dog food and dog treat range we are now stocking Billy and Margot. Billy and Margot food and treats are all free from dairy, grains, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavourings, preservatives, colourings, soya and wheat gluten!!

    They do a full range of complete wet food, including flavours such as Venison with Green Beans and Blueberries, Chicken with Garden Vegetables and Orchard Fruits which all sound fit for a dinner party to me!

    Not only do they do complete wet food they also do a range of healthy treats. We particularly like the Venison marrow bones and venison chew sticks all made from 100% venison from sustainable sources in Scotland!

    Watch out for Billy and Margot doggy Christmas presents and doggy Christmas crackers too, they will be making there way onto the website shortly!

    Shop the full Billy and Margot range here 

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  84. McAdams Dog Food

    We are delighted to have got McAdams Premium Dog Food in stock. Why are we so excited? Well McAdams are the UK’s first dry dog food made using whole British Free Range chickens! They only produce in small batches by hand meaning no two pieces of kibble are ever the same.
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  85. Busy few weeks!

    So not only have we launched and been getting your orders to you as quickly as we can, we've also been taking on lots of new brands and products. We are loving the products that the brand Pampeano brings to the website and to launch them we have slashed a few prices so go check them out. You'll probably see Nelly and Phoebe modelling them at some point. The next brand to get a special mention has to be Billy and Margot and the excellent range of products they bring, you might have caught them on Dragons Den a couple of years back with their ice cream for dogs. We haven't yet worked out a way to get ice cream to you yet but we are working on it!
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  86. Welcome

    Welcome to Not In The Dog House, while we are setting up our website we might not be using the blog as much as we would like. But rest assured once we have everything in place for you check back here for the latest brands, products and the adventures of Nelly and Phoebe.
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