And They Call It Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Everyone loves puppies. It’s scientifically proven that they’re heart-meltingly cute. But there is more to our four-legged snuggly buddies than just adorable puppy eyes… (At least we think so).

In honour of the beautiful pups that bless us with unconditional love, here are some facts that will make you love puppies even more!


Puppies Take Lots Of Naps

Sleepy Pup

Like children, puppies need a lot of sleep. Some woofs enjoy up to 15-20 hours a day! So (as difficult as it is) dog owners are advised to resist the urge to disturb napping puppies because sleep is critical for a young canine’s developing brain, muscles, and immune system. They also look super cute when asleep, so you’re welcome to take lots of pictures and tag us in them…


Puppies Don't Find You Yawns Contagious Like Us Hoomans

Yawnin pup!

Contagious yawning is thought to be a sign of empathy that affects humans, chimps, and even dogs. But as research has progressed over the years, young pups aren’t susceptible to catching yawns. Such research showed that dogs under the age of seven months didn’t react to a yawn but older dogs would respond with one, copying their hooman. The pattern that emerged mirrors what happens with children under the age of 4 suggesting that, like humans, as pups start to grow out of puppyhood they develop social skills like empathy.


Puppies Know How To Manipulate You With Their Eyes

Those eyes

Those adorable “puppy eyes” aren’t an inadvertent expression of woof emotion… They’re a deliberate ploy to get your attention. Puppies and even your well-trained adult woofers have learned that raising their eyebrows, which makes their eyes appear bigger and even sadder, makes them magnets for human attention! No wonder their eyes grow huge around the treats jar…


Dalmatian Puppies Are Born Without Spots. WAIT... WHAT?!

Dalmatian Pup

Beloved Disney fans, Dalmatians arguably have the most recognisable coat of any dog breed, or at least full-grown Dalmatians do. As puppies, they’re actually born white and spotless. Their markings usually begin to show after 4-6 weeks. Some Dalmatians are known to be born with 1-2 small black blotches, known as patches.


So to sum up… We now love puppies even more. Who knew it was possible!?