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Are Antler Dog Chews Safe?

What Are Antler Dog Chews?

Deer antlers are made up of a bone-like structure which starts off as cartilage. Towards the end of their growth, the blood flow stops and the antler mineralises, ready to fight off competing male deers. 

Male deers naturally shed their antlers annually, these are then collected, cut down to size, any sharp points are removed or sanded down and they are then blanched to sanitise them ready to give to your dog to happily chew on!


Are Antler Dog Chews Safe?

Are Antlers For Dogs Safe?

They certainly are! Mainly because antler dog chews are very unlikely to splinter or shatter like bones do. Although, because they don't shatter and instead gradually wear down, just make sure you take the antler away from your dog before if it gets too small. As an easy rule of thumb, if the antler chew fits entirely into your dog's mouth, then it's probably needs replacing - this will take them a long time though!


What Are The Benefit Of Antler Chews?

If you're looking for a long-lasting, durable dog chew which is all-natural and full of goodness, then antler dog chews are the perfect choice! 

The action of gnawing helps remove plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth improving their dental hygiene. Chewing is also really good for relieving stress and anxiety, as dog's are kept busy and are given a 'job' to do.

Antlers for dogs are made up of calcium and phosphorus, but also include other vital minerals such potassium, magnesium, iron, sulphur and zinc. These minerals are vital for keeping your dog's bones and muscles strong and heathy. Think of them as a stimulating and nutritious snack!

Antler chews for dogs are also odourless and stain-free, so you dog can chew away on your favourite rug!

 Are Antler Dog Chews Safe?

Which Antler For Your Dog?

Did you know there are different types of antler chews:

Whole antlers: these are perfect for the more aggressive chewers who need more of a challenge. 

Split antlers: perfect for occasional and softer chews, teething puppies and older dogs. Since the antlers are split, it's easier for your dog to access the tasty, nutrient-rich marrow that lives inside!

Fallow antlers: perfect for puppies, older dogs or softer chewers.

As with all chews, it's essential to supervise your dog while they're chewing.