Bath Your Dog Or Puppy Like A Pro!

Washing your dog is never an easy task no matter how large or small they are. The entire room gets soaked, you get soaked and your dog somehow ends up being the driest! 


Here is our useful guide along with some handy products and tips to help bath time become a doddle!



Make Your Life Easier

First up, give your dog a quick spritz with the Animology Paws and Relax Aromatherapy Calming Spray an hour or so before bath time, this will help calm and de-stress them. 


Or, if this bath is an unplanned, post-muddy walk one, remove as much excess mud as possible with the Animology Clean Sheets Dog Wipes before taking them to the bathroom. These dual-sided wipes contain a no-rinse shampoo formulation, so they are also perfect for on-the-go cleaning too! 


For long-haired dog’s, don’t forget to give them a good brush before getting them wet, matted hair is much harder to wash! Try the Animology Knot Sure Detangling Srapy, perfect to use before or in between baths. 



Shampoo Away

It’s really important that you use a shampoo which is specially formulated for dogs or puppies. All our Animology Dog Shampoos are pH balanced to suit a dog’s coat and also contain built-in conditioners and vitamins. We stock shampoos designed for puppies, for detangling long-haired dogs, dogs with white coats, dogs with sensitive skin and even shampoo to easily remove fox poo and other smelly things your dog likes to roll in! 


If your dog has suffered from a recent flea or tick infestation, use the Animology Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo to wash them out of your dog’s coat and soothe any irritated or bitten skin. 


Wash your dog starting from their hind legs and work back towards their head, this will mean they are less likely to shake mid-clean. Don’t’ forget to test the water with the inside of your wrist to ensure it’s not too hot or too cold. 


Condition For Added Shine

The Animology Top Dog Conditioner is easy-rinse, de-tangling and also replaces moisture to your dog’s coat leaving it looking soft, shiny and healthy! Conditioning your dog after a bath isn’t essential but it will help dogs with longer coats which are prone to becoming tangled or knotted.


Dry Them The Smart Way

If you have a shower screen or curtain, first let them shake off any access water in the bath. Next, place your dog on a Henry Wag Microfibre, Absorbent Pet Mat to catch any drips and then towel off as much water as possible with a Henry Wag Microfibre Glove Towel. Then, because no one wants a wet dog running around the house, wrap them in either a Henry Wag Microfibre Dog Drying Bag or a Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat - we promise these will be a game-changer! 


Scent From Heaven

Once your dog is fully dry, warm a few drops of Be:Loved Be:Silky Fur Oil in the palm of your hand and rub it into your dog’s coat and skin to freshen, condition and improve circulation. And along with giving a super shiny finish, the oil will also leave your dog smelling amazing with scents of ylang-ylang and rose! Ahhh!


And, at the end of all of this, give them lots of hugs and reward them with some tasty treats to ensure they always look forward to bath time in future!