Beware Of These Christmas Dangers To Your Dog

Christmas may be the time for us all to over-indulgence in tasty treats and decorate the house with the perfect festive accessories, but be careful to avoid these little-known dangers to dogs over the Christmas period.  

Dangerous Christmas Foods



We all know that chocolate is really bad for dogs but do you know why? It’s the chemical theobromine that’s found in chocolate which is toxic to dogs, this is similar to caffeine. The darker the chocolate, the more potent the levels of theobromine becomes, meaning white chocolate is the least dangerous. Always avoid putting any chocolate on, or under your tree. 


Christmas Puddings & Mince Pies

Grapes are also toxic to dogs, this also includes the dried variety (currants, sultanas and raisins). Ingestion of grapes can, in extreme cases, cause kidney failure in dogs. So be sure never to let your dog get their paws on the Christmas cake or mince pies! 


Onions along with shallots, leeks, garlic and chives can all cause vomiting and diarrhoea in dogs but the main damage can be to red blood cells, resulting in anaemia. One to watch!


Macadamia Nuts

If your dog ingests macadamia nuts they can experience lethargy, increased body temperature and weakness in the back legs. This isn’t usually life-threatening, but it’s definitely not worth the risk - keep them out of reach.

Dangerous Christmas Plants


Again, although ingesting this plant isn’t always life-threatening, it can cause irritation to your dog’s mouth and stomach along with an overproduction of saliva and sometimes vomiting. 



If your dog ingests the mistletoe berries it may cause an upset stomach. However, the American species of the plant is far more dangerous. 


Christmas Dangers You Might Not Think Of

Silica Gel

Although rarely fatal, if ingested silica gel sachets could cause internal blockages in your dog's the gut. 


Salt Dough Decorations

Made by mixing flour and salt with water, these are the sustainable Christmas decoration craze at the moment. However, these can potentially cause salt poisoning in dogs which can be fatal. Make sure they’re hung well out of reach from your dog and can’t fall off.