Burns Dog Food & Why It's So Great

In 1993, Burns Pet Nutrition Limited was founded by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns and their range of premium quality 'Real Food' for pets was launched.

The range is made up of simple foods which are intended to allow your dog's body to function naturally. All of the Burns dog food range is made from the highest quality ingredients and without any pharmacologically active supplements.

Their dog food recipes aim to let the body get on with what it does best: maintain and repair itself and prevent deterioration of the organs.

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The Burns Principles

Burns Dog Food

  • Good health is the normal state of being
  • The body will always tend towards a state of good health
  • Healing will take place is it is possible

Basically, John Burns believes that if we can put in place the correct conditions, the body will do the rest. Correct conditions means correct lifestyle of which diet is the most important and also one which is the easiest for you to control.


What Are The Benefits? 

Designed specially to manage common health problems in dogs: Their recipes ares modelled on a home cooked diet, meaning Burns food is are suited to sensitive dogs with allergies and intolerances. 

Great value for money: Burns focus on using high-quality ingredients which means feeding amounts are lower and feeding costs are cheaper than many other dog foods. It is possible to feed a small dog for 43p per day and a large dog for £1.20.

The clue is in the poo: The ingredients in Burns dog food are highly digestible so the feeding amounts (and cost) are lower than most other foods. An additional benefit of high digestibility is that your dog produces less poo, so less to clean up, which is better for the environment also.

Hypoallergenic: Beef, wheat and dairy are the most common allergens for dogs, so Burns simply avoid using these ingredients. They also understand every pet is different, that’s they offer 'Sensitive' and 'Free From' recipes.


The Bestsellers

Burns Original - Chicken & Brown Rice

Made to John Burns’ original recipe! The bestselling Original Chicken & Brown Rice dry dog food contains everything an adult dog needs for lifelong health and vitality. It is low in fat and when used as a general maintenance diet, it can help to maintain healthy skin, coat and digestion. As with all the Burns diets, it has a simple recipe and avoids artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

Burns Original Dry Dog Food


Burns Sensitive - Pork & Potato

Ideal for dogs with digestive upset or skin sensitivity, the Burns Sensitive Pork & Potato dry dog food is made using potato, whole grains and a novel protein source, pork. It is a great diet for dogs with intolerances to common ingredients such as chicken, beef and lamb. The pork fat makes this food naturally tasty and provides omega- 6 for healthy skin and coat. Can also be fed as an everyday maintenance diet. 

Burns Sensitive Dog Food


Burns Mixed Variety Box

Variety is the spice of life so treat your dog to a mixed box of Burns' award-winning wet dog food. Can’t choose between free-range egg, chicken or lamb? Well, now your dog can sample all 3.

Containing 3 delicious varieties, Burns Wet Food takes inspiration from a home cooked diet and each variety is made with a handful of high quality ingredients.

Burns Variety Box Wet Dog Food