Do You Know The Benefits Of Raw Dog Food?

Dog’s were eating food long before man invented the over-processed, grain-filled kibble you find in the supermarkets and from the low-end dog food brands. Processed, low-quality dog food was invented purely for our convenience and to keep production costs down and not for your dog’s health.

Switching your dog to a raw dog food diet is one way of giving your dog the types of food which closely replicates their natural, wild diet - basically what they ate before they became domesticated. 

Discover some of the benefits of a raw dog food diet below...

Raw Dog Food Diet

Shinier Coat

Up to 40% of the protein that your dog eat goes into making their skin and coat healthy. So a low-protein diet such as kibbles which are packed with fillers or grain can mean there’s not enough protein to give your dog the silky coat they deserve. Some say that a shinier coat is one of the first changes they notice when switching to a raw diet. 

Cleaner Teeth & Better Breath

The small bones in the raw dog food we stock act as a natural toothbrush to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth. This also means, you guessed it, bye-bye to doggy breathe.


Better For Allergies

Lots of supermarket-bought kibble contains grains and fillers which don’t agree with a lot of dogs, if your dog has a skin condition or a sensitive stomach, then you might find a raw diet could help with this. 


The Poop

Let’s not spend too much time on this topic, but the basics are that raw food is nutritionally dense, so there’s less waste after digestion which means smaller poops (they’ll also be firmer too!). Swiftly moving on...

Better Digestion 

Dog’s have shorter intestines than humans, so their food is digested quicker which means they have less time to absorb nutrients from it. Making sure your dog's food is as highly nutritious as possible will mean they can absorb more goodness from it. We all know the difference we feel after eating junk food vs a healthy meal, it’s the same for dogs too. You could also see a reduction in any digestive discomfort they might experience - does your dog ever throw up after eating? This is most likely due to kibble swelling in their stomachs - not an issue with raw dog food!


Improved Behaviour 

All the raw food we stock is made up of only pure, natural ingredients - no additives or chemicals (check your dog’s kibble labels!). This means your dog won’t suffer from a sudden spike in energy from a surge of carbs and nasties found in low-end kibble and could help stabilise their energy levels, meaning a well rounded happy dog all of the time. 


Weight Control & Muscle Tone 

Dog’s are carnivores, meaning they need to eat protein (and fat). A high protein diet will result in less excess fat being stored and an increase in muscle which leads to a much healthier and stronger dog! 


Thinking of Making the Switch? 

Most dogs will wolf down the tasty raw dog food immediately (they love it!). For the more cautious, gradually switch to raw dog food by decreasing the amounts of kibble or wet dog food over a seven day period. It will then take between one to two weeks to see the benefits mentioned above. 

Raw dog food isn't always right for every dog or owner, the cold-pressed dog food range we stock also offers a lot of benefits.