Dog Cooling Essentials

We love it when the British weather finally gets it right and actually gives us some sunny, warm days but have you thought about how your dog copes in the heat?


Here are our dog cooling product essentials to keep your dog cool, hydrated and happy this Summer. 


Dog Cooling Mats

These cleverly designed dog cooling mats are great for dogs who struggle in the heat. The dog cooling mats are filled with a specially formulated gel which helps draw heat away from your dog’s body to keep them cool. They can be used on their own, or on top of their regular dog bed. The cooling mats can also be popped in the fridge to increase their cooling properties even further, great for those really hot days!


The dog cooling mats can also help provide relief for elderly pets who suffer from painful joint inflammation. The Danish Design Cooling Mat also has 10% knocked off at the moment! 


Dog Cooling Vests

The Dog Cooling Vest range from Ruffwear uses evaporative cooling technology to keep your dog cool and refreshed throughout a hot day full of activities. 


What’s evaporative cooling you ask - so, imagine you’re swimming outdoors or in a hot tub, once you step out the water, that chill you feel when your skin first hits the air, well that’s evaporative cooling.


The Ruffwear cooling vests feature a wicking outer layer that facilitates evaporation, a middle layer which holds the water for evaporation and then a comfortable inner layer that transfers the cooling effect to your dog. To activate the cooling vests, simply soak in water, wring out and zip it onto your dog!


All the cooling vests also have a UPF rating of 50+, giving protection to light coloured and short-haired dogs to avoid getting sunburnt. 

Ice Cream For Dogs

Did you just say ‘oh, wow’? Yeah, so did we when we first heard about the Billy & Margot Dog Ice Cream. These water-based, grain-free and dairy-free iced treats are a great way to keep your dog hydrated during Summer. As you already know, dogs pant to cool down, so by licking something cold with their tongue, this helps speed up the process. 


We also stock the popular Pawsecco Freeze Pops which are a fun ice lolly for dogs made from Elderflower, Linden Blossom and Ginseng - yum!

Heading To A Beach Or River To Cool Off?

If your dog prefers to cool down by throwing themselves in water instead, then no beach trip would be complete without a Ruff & Tumble Drying Coat. We especially love the custom dyed Beach Drying Coat style for the Summer months.