Dog Travel Essentials

With the weather now slowly starting to resemble Summer, you’re probably thinking about travelling a little further afield with your dog. But have you considered how safe your pooch is in the car? Or how safe your car is from them!? What if they get too hot in the sun, or need to dry off after a quick dip? Don’t worry, we got ya!


Keep Your Dog Safe In The Car

A dog car harness helps stop you from getting distracted by your dog while driving and it also keeps your dog safe should the unthinkable happen and you’re in an accident. No dog who travels in a car should be without one! 


The Henry Wag Dog Travel Harness is made from robust, breathable webbing and features a secure seatbelt loop to help restrain your dog while travelling. The harness is also padded, meaning it is comfortable to be worn during walks too. 


For smaller dogs, the Henry Wag Pet Car Booster Seat is a handy little accessory for travelling safely by car. It provides a high up, secure position which allows them to see the road, it also features a harness clip to secure them in place and doesn’t allow them to climb out. Nifty, hey!

Keep Your Car Safe From Your Dog!

Hate those claw scratches on your boot? Yeah, so do we, but with the Danish Design Boot Bed which features a removable bumper protector, these are a thing of the past! The protector easily velcros in place when needed, the bed and protector are made from a waterproof, durable fabric, so great for after muddy or wet walks.


Got a large boot? Then you’ll need the Henry Wag Car Boot’n’Bumper Protector which is perfect for SUVs.


Also, check out the Henry Wag Car Boot Dog Ramp, they are so handy for dogs who aren't able to jump in easily.


If you prefer to keep your dog on the seats rather than the boot then you're going to want one of the Henry Wag Dog Car Hammocks or a Henry Wag Dog Car Seat Protector to help protect against muddy paws and wet coats!

Dog Travel Crates & Carriers

If your dog doesn’t travel well in the car, then a Henry Wag Travel Crate could be the perfect solution! This foldable fabric crate fits perfectly in your car or boot and can help anxious dogs feel calmer and safer while travelling. 


Does your dog need a rest while you’re out and about? The Scruffs Wilton Dog Carrier lets your dog become a ‘handbag dog’ but without messing up your actual handbag! Designed with a removable liner and a fold-out water bowl, this dog carrier is ideal for smaller dogs who struggle to keep up the pace. It’s also machine washable! 


Dry Your Dog On The Go

It’s no secret that we love Ruff & Tumble here at Not In The Dog House, so their amazing Dog Drying Coats and Dog Drying Mitts needed to be included! Perfect for beach or lake visits to dry your dog after a busy day swimming and paddling! These coats effortlessly drys them in minutes and really will make your life SO much easier! 


Dog Cooling

In the height of summer after a long walk, jumping back into a hot car is definitely not ideal for your dog. Using a Henry Wag Cooling Mat or the Danish Design Cooling Mat is the perfect way to help your dog quickly cool down effectively and safely. The dog cooling mats are filled with a specially designed gel that draws heat away from your dog’s body, so pop one under them if the aircon can’t work fast enough!


Shop the full dog travel range and be safe and prepared this summer!