Easy Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

It's my birthday and I'll woof if I want to!

What better way to celebrate your dog’s birthday than with a doggy birthday cake! 

You could spend hours searching the internet for a dog-friendly birthday cake recipe, or you could give The Innocent Hound Dog Birthday Cake Mix a whirl. It’s simple, no fuss, made in Britain from locally sourced ingredients, is 100% grain-free and doesn’t contain any nasties. 

Dog Birthday Cake Recipe


This grain-free, meaty dog birthday cake recipe only requires you to add 2 eggs and water (no obscure ingredients needed) and only takes up to 25 mins to bake. 


The dog birthday cake ingredients are made up of air-dried British duck, sweet potato, yellow split pea and chickpea flour and various fruits and herbs and is 100% grain-free! The dog birthday cake mix makes 6 individual cupcakes or one 6 inch cake - so perfect for doggy birthday parties or all just for one lucky pooch! 


And for the icing....


  • 7 tbsp plain greek yogurt (xylitol free)
  • 4 tbsp peanut butter


  • Mix greek yoghurt and peanut butter until well combined
  • Spread mixture onto cake
  • If not serving immediately, store in the fridge

If the birthday cake is the centrepiece for a dog party, then why not add a couple of House of Paws Birthday Cake Toys to your order for hours of fun for your guests. Or, if they have been an extra good dog, treat them to a Dog Birthday Gift Set. The exclusive doggy gift set is only £24.99 and is packed full of yummy birthday treats and gifts, it also includes the Dog Birthday Cake Mix.


Dog Birthday Cake Recipe


The full baking method, recipe, and ingredients are listed on the back of the pack. Be sure to tag us in any birthday cake posts, we'd love to see the celebrations!