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Fox Poo Shampoo Anyone?

All dog owners have been there at some point, you think your dog is having a majestic roll in the lovely, fresh grass… but in reality, they've found a stash of fox poo and are smothering themselves in it right before your eyes. Great!


Why Do Dogs Roll In Fox Poo?

Experts don’t really know for sure why dogs are so keen on rolling in smelly things. The most sensible suggestion is that it stems back to when dogs lived in the wild and they’d try to mask their scent while hunting with the scent of faeces or another animal. 


Another suggestion (which I personally like) is the ‘Hawaiian shirt’ theory. This suggests that dogs use the scent to show off and gain attention, much like how humans feel the need to wear overly loud and colourful Hawaiian shirts. 


How To Stop My Dog Rolling In Fox Poo?

Simple answer - if your dog likes being off the lead, you can’t! You can, however, try to spot the signs of an imminent rolling. 


Try to keep an eye out for your dog picking up the scent of something or having an unusually intent interest in a patch of grass. Dogs tend to start their poo-rolling with the side of their face and neck, if you see this happening, call your ‘leave’ command right away, then you just might avoid an unpleasant bathtime. 


How To Wash Fox Poo Out Of Your Dog’s Fur

You may have heard that tomato ketchup gets rid of fox poo, but then what do you use to get rid of the tomato ketchup? Yep, you guessed it, another a bath! 


The easier option is to use the Animology Fox Poo Dog Shampoo (which is currently on a 3-for-2 offer) which has been specially formulated to remove both dirt and odour. The shampoo is pH-balanced to reduce the risk of any irritation and features Pro-Vitamin B5 and a built-in conditioner to leave their coat silky smooth!


The deep cleaning formula of the Animology Fox Poo Shampoo only needs one wash to remove the horrible stench of fox poo, so there’s no need for that tomato ketchup or lots of washing (which is bad for your dog's skin and coat). 

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