Turn Up The Heat!

Heated Dog Bed

Fellow Yorkshire brand Hot Dogs have developed a collection of ultra-safe Heated Dog Beds in a variety of styles and sizes which are all named after famous Yorkshire beauty spots. Once you feel how toasty these beds get, you’ll be after one for yourself!

Hot dogs' heated dog beds come into their own particularly in the winter months and have a number of therapeutic benefits that offer your furry loved ones pure comfort. Just like us, animals can suffer from a range of health conditions such as arthritis, circulatory problems, and hip dysplasia which can be common in older dogs. Heated dog beds can assist in alleviating such symptoms by effectively warming your pooch. Such beds can also help speed up recovery after injury or surgery. 


Here are some of our best selling heated dog beds...


Harewood Heated Dog Bed


The heating system is placed in the bottom of the dog bed and is pressure activated so when your dog lays on the pillow the temperature will rise to the one set by you on the controller. When your dog leaves the bed the temperature will return to an ambient level. Pretty cool (or hot), hey!


Sewerby Heated Dog Bed


The beautiful Sewerby Heated Dog Bed features red, black, and cream gingham print lining and cushion, offering superb comfort and practicality. 


Sledmere Heated Pillow

Sledmere Pillow

The chic Sledmere Heated Dog Bed features a contemporary grey tweed lining and cushion, offering superb comfort and practicality. 


heated dog beds

Made from premium fabrics and materials, and equipped with a pressure-activated heat pad with 7 adjustable heat settings ranging from 25 degrees to 55, Hot Dogs Beds offer the paw-fect amount of pet-pleasing warmth.

If (like many of us) you have a pooch that loves to chew away at literally anything, fear not, all cables are armoured and made with chew-resistant metal and plastic to prevent your woofer from having a good old chew through the wiring.