5 Tips For Taking The Perfect Photo Of Your Dog


Whether it’s for your dog’s Instagram page, a family portrait or just for fun, here are five handy tips to help you snap the perfect photograph of your dog! 


PetCam App

Firstly (and we think this is a great idea) is the PetCam App for your phone. This app lets you choose from a range of sounds that you can play while taking photos of your dog. It helps to grab their attention and make them look directly into the camera. The sounds range from dogs barking to squeaky toys, meaning, you guessed it - the perfect, confused head tilt shot is very likely. 


Download the app on either Google Play or on the Apple App Store.


Say Cheese

An active dog always means great facial expressions. So make them ‘smile’ by having a game of tug of war, fetch or simply running around the house just before you start taking the photos. The more active and alert they are during the photo-shoot, the better the photographs will turn out. Plus your dog will love the attention they get and will end up being excited every time they see you getting the camera out.


Get Creative with Props

What is a perfect photo-shoot without some fun doggy props? And we have a pretty damn adorable range for your pooch...


The Tweed Dog Bow Tie and Tweed Hat Set will create hilarious photos! Check out some of our favourites below. Or choose from the range of Dog Bandanas and matching Bow Tie and Lead Sets, choose the colour that best compliments your dog’s colouring. 

It’s All About Perspective

To get a cracking shot, get down to your dog’s eye level. Not only does it give the photo a more intimate vibe, it also means the photo is taken from the dog’s perspective rather than a human’s. I bet you’ll now notice that all your favourite doggy photographers do the same!


If In Doubt, Bribe Them! 

Then, if all else fails, we stock some seriously tasty treats that will make your dog sit, stay and roll over every time!


Our Green & Wilds Beef Jerky Chews smell so delicious that as soon as you open the packet, you’ll have their attention. Plus, they are 100% natural and low in calories. 


Then, for a great reward after a (hopefully) successful photo shoot, treat them to some Sliced Venison Sausage treats from The Innocent Hound, they are air-dried, pure venison and are one of our best sellers!