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Interactive Puzzle Toys For Dogs

Does your dog suffer from anxiety, boredom or excessive barking, or do they sometimes chew or destroy the sofa, your socks or other household items? These behaviours usual mean they're struggling to relieve their excess energy. 


Most dogs (some breeds more than others), always need a 'job' to do to stay busy. While nothing beats their daily walks, providing them with toys and activities for mental stimulation can really help calm them and focus that pent up energy into a positive outlet. 


Not only do puzzle games for dogs help with the above, but it also helps them learn new problem-solving skills and can even act as an aid for slowing down dogs who eat too fast. Plus, toys that encourage your dog's hunting and foraging instincts are great for your dog’s mental ability. 


Here are some of our favourite interactive puzzle toys for dogs to help alleviate boredom. 


iQuties Puzzle Dog (And Cat) Toys

The iQuties range of puzzle dog toys features ones that flip, lift, wobble and spin - each toy has a different puzzle for your dog to work out and feel a sense of achievement from. There's also an interactive toy for cats and smaller dogs too. 



One of the best sellers in the iQuties Licky Mat. These are fab for leaving with your dog while you need to pop out, simply spread with peanut butter or for dog's who prefer a raw diet, use some of their daily food to keep them occupied for longer during meal times. 



Another of our favourites is the iQuties Puzzle Wheel Dog Toy. With 8 separate chambers to hide your dog's favourite treats in, your dog will need to work hard to figure out how to remove each cup and then spin the wheel to reveal the treats. All the iQuties dog toys have a non-slip base to withstand even the most overzealous of dogs!