It's Dog Robe Weather!

Did you know that a wet dog can shake off 70% of water themselves, but the remaining 30% leads to poor insulation and can cause your dog's body temperature to drop quickly. 

DogRobes Dog Drying Coats

Dogrobes are the original and the best dog drying coats on the market. They were designed in 2004 by Ann Playle, an experienced working dog trainer and all-around dog lover. Ann had eight, yes eight muddy, wet labs sharing her home and came up with the idea of a practical dog drying coat to solve the problem of wet dogs and muddy shake-offs!

The dog drying coats from Dogrobes are proudly designed and manufactured in Britain with years of experience going into producing the best design to provide maximum coverage quickly for your dog. 

DogRobes Dog Drying Robes

How Do Dogrobes Work?

Dogrobes are made from an innovative high-quality cotton fabric which is a natural, lightweight and breathable. The fabric features long looped fibres on the inside that quickly draws moisture away from your dog's fur. It then traps body heat to maintain their body temperature, speed up drying time and keep their muscles warm after exercise. And, because the special fibres aid absorption, there's no need to rub your dog down and as only a single layer of the fabric is used in the design, the coat dries really quickly for fast re-use.

Dogrobes are also a Velcro-free zone, because dogs can sometimes be spooked by the noise, plus it means no snagging or damage when washing it. (Psst! The coats are machine washable at 40°).

DogRobes Dog Drying Robes

How To Put Your Dog's Drying Coat On

It's really simple: 

  • Pop the Dogrobe over your dog's head
  • Straighten it out over their back
  • Draw the ties up on each side of their body
  • Tie loosely in a single loop on either side of their spine
  • And let them dry themselves!


The award-winning Dogrobes will ensure your woof stays dry, warm and comfortable after outdoor adventures and bath times. Dog owners call the Dogrobes range 'lifesavers' because they keep your home and car clean and dry, saving you time and effort cleaning up - making tedious towel-drying a thing of the past - Hurah!