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How To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Your dog’s oral health is a vital part of caring for your four-legged friend. Dog’s teeth are not just used for chewing, they’re used for playtime, exploring and for restyling your slippers! Poor oral health can lead to bad breath, yellow teeth, build up in plaque and a whole host of other horrible bacteria related issues.


It’s recommended that you brush your dog’s teeth daily using a special dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste. Alongside brushing, there are other ways you can help keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy at home:


Woof Brushes

These are our bestselling item for oral health. The Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush is a dental chew with a difference! With a unique spongey texture and specially created air bubbles, the chews flex around the teeth when chewing to remove the hard to reach plaque at the gumline. They are made from 100% natural, tasty ingredients - our dogs go mad for them! Grab a pack while you can as we regularly sell out of these!

Antlers Chews

The Green & Wilds Antler Dog Chews are an all-natural chew which are a great source of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus but without the calories.


Chewing on the antler helps remove plaque and tartar build-up on your dog's teeth. The antler chews are also low odour, won’t stain your carpet and last for ages. Chewing is also a dog's natural instinct and can help soothe and calm them, by allowing them to chew antlers, it also helps reduce any unwanted chewing of furniture etc. 

Guru Tasty Chicken Bones

These tasty, cold-pressed chicken bone chews from Guru are made from carefully selected, all-natural ingredients and are packed full of flavour, trust us, they smell really good! 


These treats are a great way to reward your dog and also help clean their teeth as they require lots of chewing action to gnaw them into bite-sized pieces. 

Billy & Margot Dental Dog Treats

Billy & Margot have a natural, grain-free treat range which helps promote good oral health for your dog. Their Strawberry & Mint Dental Dog Treats are plus-shaped to help massage teeth and gums helping stop the build of plaque and tartar. Their Venison Marrow Bones Dog Treats are made with 100% air-dried venison meat which promotes good oral health through the chewing action required to eat it. 

Raw Treats

Another great way to keep your dog’s teeth squeaky clean is by using nature’s toothbrush! Cotswold Raw has a huge selection of meaty bones which help stop the build-up of plaque and therefore decay is prevented. To keep teeth and gums healthy in the wild dogs would gnaw on the bones of their prey, a practice which chewing on our raw, meaty bones simulates. Our faves are the Cotswold Raw Turkey Necks!


Don’t forget to always supervise your dog when giving them chews or toys.