New Year, New Pooch


NY New Pooch

The Pawfect New Year Resolutions to make your Pooch Happier and Healthier

The New Year is upon us and it's time once again to make some resolutions for the year ahead. There is no question that the bond between our four-legged companions and ourselves is special, so why not make an extra effort to make it a year to remember for you and your pooch!

Check out our Top Tips heading into 2021


1. Find Exciting New Activities.

Strengthen the bond with your furry companion through new activities. Whether that's a beach trip or a team run around the town, do it together! Here's all you need...

HW Travel

Your pooch will be travelling in style en route to the seaside in this Henry Wag Travel Crate!


2. Keep An Eye On Your Pup's Calories

This year make it a habit to monitor your dog's calorie intake and find out exactly what's in the food they eat. Here are some healthy, nutritious foods to consider switching to. 

Cold-pressed food is an excellent solution as it's cooked at lower temperatures maintaining its nutritional values. This means it's easier for your pooch to digest!

Yora produces insect-based dog food. Using grubs rather than meat, your dog can get the nutrients they need and you're doing your bit for the environment!


The only alternative to traditional meat and fish sources that is fully suited to your pet’s digestive system. Yora's original recipe, great for all dogs. Fully balanced and hypoallergenic.


3. Get Your Pooch New Chew Toys

Just like toddlers, dogs also love getting new toys to play with to keep them entertained. So give up on the old chews and go shopping for your pooch! Check out these chewy toys from Hunter!


4. Time For A Detox

Like many of us, our four-legged friends can also over-indulge throughout Christmas. It's time for a detox, but they don't need to know... Here are some of our healthier "boozy" options...

Woof brew

We hope that's been helpful, and last of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR!