Our New Puppy Essentials Checklist

Eeeeekkkk, you’ve got a new puppy on the way! How exciting, but have you thought about what toys to buy them, chosen healthy reward treats, how to groom them? Read on for our puppy essentials checklist!


The Perfect Puppy Toys

One of the faves among new puppies at the moment are the House of Paws Brown Rope Ball Toy (there’s also a grey version too). Featuring a ball-shaped rope, ribbon tie and crinkle noise 'ears', these toys are perfect for helping your puppy discover new textures and sounds to keep them entertained while still being difficult to destroy. 


Another great puppy toy from House of Paws is the Chicken & Stuffing Rope Toy and Chicken & Stuffing Tennis Ball Toy, another set of robust toys which should withstand a puppy attack! 


And last but in no means least, our firm favourite from KONG, the KONG Puppy Treat Toy. These toys are made using natural, slightly gentler rubber and have been customised to meet the needs of a puppy’s 28 baby teeth! Stuff with a little food and peanut butter (xylitol free) to keep them out of mischief for even longer!

Puppy Chews

The Green & Wilds Antler Puppy Chews are perfect for teething puppies, they are all-natural, free from chemicals, preservatives, additives and last for ages! Plus, they’re odour free and won’t stain your carpet.


There’s also a wonderful puppy chew range from KONG, a favourite of a recent puppy addition to our family is the KONG Ring Dog Toy. The smaller sizes work perfectly for puppies. 

Puppy Grooming

We have a huge range of puppy grooming products, but our faves are the Animology Puppy Love Shampoo which is specially formulated for puppies and the Animology Puppy Refreshing Spray which reduces odour and helps keep your puppies coat fresh, clean and healthy between washes - great for those little ‘accidents’.  

Puppy Food & Treats

One thing here at Not In The Dog that we’re really passionate about is how much of a difference the right food can make to your dog or puppy. It can help calm an over-excitable puppy or dog, ease bloating and diarrhoea and just generally be better for their health all round. 


Our top recommendations for Puppy Food are Tribal Puppy Grain Free Turkey Recipe which is a healthy cold-pressed dry puppy food which uses human-grade meat, it’s particularly suited to puppies who have allergies, skin conditions, digestive issues or are fussy eaters. Or, grab a Puppy Food Starter Kit which includes a bag of Tribal Puppy Food, puppy treats and lots of other goodies to get your puppy off to the best start. 


Another great option is the puppy food range from Billy & Margot which uses all-natural, purposeful ingredients. It’s packed full of superfoods and is also completely grain-free. Our New Puppy Gift Box also contains a Billy & Margot wet food pouch along with lots of other puppy treats and toys. 

Some Other Essentials You Might Need

A puppy plan pen provides a safe enclosure for your puppy to continue playtime when you need to leave them unattended. 


Now we can travel again for exercise, we suggest investing in a dog car harness to make sure your puppy stays safe when travelling in the car. 


If you have a puppy that gets a little over-zealous when eating, it's worth investing in a dog food bowl with silicone on the bottom! Thank us later! 


Another popular item for new puppy owners are the House of Paws Dog Bone Wire Rack Storage Shelf and the House of Paws Rattan Bone Shaped Storage Basket to easily store all your puppy’s belongings.

Remember though, taking on a puppy is a huge responsibility and requires a lot of time and effort, but in return, they’ll give you lots of love and years of happiness.