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The Essentials For A Pub Visit With Your dog

Pub Visit Essentials!

Now the pubs and cafes are back open, we're so thrilled to be able to start socialising and help support local businesses again, we're also really excited to take our dogs along! But, a visit with your dog means does mean you need to ensure that are as comfy and happy as you are. With our range of pub visit essentials, you can easily make sure your dog is safe and at ease so you can both enjoy your visit. 


Keeping Your Dog Safe

Keep Your Dog Safe!

If you're planning on visiting the pub with your dog, a dog carrier is a perfect way to keep your dog safe and comfy during your visit. We have a huge range of dog carriers, slings, and backpacks as well as a brand new range of puppy carriers to keep your pooch, cosy warm and safe. 


Pubs can be noisy places and can sometimes frighten your dog, a dog carrier is great for those anxious dogs or puppies who don't like big crowds or loud noises. It helps give them a little safe haven to sit and relax and maybe even have an afternoon snooze!


Keeping Your Dog Fed & Watered

Keep your dog fed!

It's been a while since we'll all been in the pub, so you can bet your last chew stick that we're staying for the full 2 hours most pubs are allowing! But that means your dog needs to be kept fed and watered during your visit too, so grab one of our handy dog travel bowls and make sure you don't forget their favourite dog treats!


Keeping Your Dog Comfy

Travel in style and comfort!

We have the pawfect solution for keeping your dog comfy while you're visiting your local pub, park, or a friend's garden! Our range of dog travel mats means your dog can easily lay down and have a snooze while you're out and about. Once you're done, they easily fold up so you can carry them home or pop them in your bag. 


Keeping Your Dog Warm

New Scruffs Coat!

When the sun goes in and you're staying that extra hour, don't forget to make sure you've got something to keep your dog cosy and warm also. If a blanket won't do as they're running around or would rather be sat up socialising, then try a Scruffs Thermal Self-Heating Dog Coat

The Scruffs coat is lined with a reflective technology lining which is combined with a hollow fibre core that maximises the dog coats thermal properties to keep your dog snug and warm on those chillier nights. A micro-fleece turtleneck collar and chest pad also provide a comfy fit so they can wear it all day long if needed. 

Pity we don't have a human-sized one too!


Keeping Your Dog Happy!

Dog Gift Set!


If you're going to the pub, don't forget your dog or your friends' dog needs a treat also... Our Pub Dog Gift Set is full of tasty treats, toys a cute bowtie and even their very own dog beer! Cheers!