5 Doggy Themed Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Halloween is nearly here and if you haven't already carved your pumpkin, then here's some clever doggy-themed pumpkin carving ideas to get you started.  There's also some free templates links included!


1. Sausage Dog

Need to carve more than one pumpkin? No problem... make it a sausage dog!

Sausage Dog Pumpkin CarvingCredit: Reddit


2. Use Lettering

Easy to do and they look fab. 

 Credit: Home Crux


3. It's All In The Detail

Feeling adventurous? Give one of these free portrait pumpkin templates a go, there's 24 different breeds to choose from. 

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens


4. Simple, But Effective

Short on time, or just don't have the energy to carve much after eating lots of sweets... try this! Plus there's a free template for it here

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens


5. Outline Them

Might not work in you have a little floof ball, but cute never the less.