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Throw Your Dog A Birthday Party

When the most important member of the household's birthday comes around, naturally you'll throw them a dog birthday party, right?


But where do you start? Crack open the Pawsecco and let us help you plan it...


Dog Birthday Cake

No dog birthday party is complete without cake!


Instead of spending hours Googling the best dog-friendly birthday cake recipe, use one of our dog birthday cake recipe kits instead. These yummy, super simple recipe kits will allow you to make your dog a truly tail-wagginly good cake for their special day. Does that still sound like too much hard work? Check out the beautifully ready-made dog birthday cakes from The Barking Bakery instead.


TOP TOP: The Barking Bakery's Woofins will make the perfect party favours for your doggy party bags!


Dog Birthday Toys

What do dogs love the most? Well, apart from chewing you favourite pair of flips flops, PLAYTIME of course! 


Once the birthday cake has been wolved down, it's time to get out the party games - choose your dog's favourite type of toy from our range of birthday dog toys from top brands such as KONG, perfect for games of fetch, tug of war, catch or just the old favourite 'grab it and shake it to death'. 


TOP TIP: The House of Paws Cupcake Dog Toy is vanilla scented helping to create a yummy smelling party! 


Birthday Dog Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream (even your dog). Just like Pepper our office pooch (pictured), dog's love ice cream, but the human version is too harsh for their sensitive canine tummies, so why not treat them to their very own doggy ice cream


Our range of dog ice creams are made up of all-natural ingredients and are dairy-free or lactose-free, meaning no upset stomachs after their big day!


TOP TIP: Grab a huge 5L party tub of the Cool Dog Ice Cream if you have a lot of their doggy friends attending! 


Birthday Dog Wine & Beer

Say cheers to another year with a bottle of their favourite plonk on their special day, and make it a party to remember!


Our yummy range of dog beer and dog pawsecco is made using all-natural ingredients, it's (obviously) alcohol-free, un-carbonated and grape-free, meaning you can rest easier knowing there'll be no sore heads the day after! 


TOP TIP: The dog beer can also be popped on their favourite kibble for a tasty mealtime treat. 


Dog Birthday Gift Box

With all the excitement of party planning, don't forget to get your pooch a birthday gift.


The Dog Birthday Gift Box is one of our best-selling gift boxes, packed full of all you need to celebrate your dog's special day and make it a party to remember. 


TOP TIP: All our doggy gift boxes come in a cute gift box, so no need for wrapping!