Tips For Keeping Your Dog Calm On Fireworks Night

Those loud bangs and bright flashes may be great fun for us humans, but they can be very frightening for your dog or cat. Here are some simple tips to help reduce as much stress as possible and keep them calm, happy and healthy on Bonfire Night.  

1. Close All Doors, Windows and Curtains

This will help keep as much noise and flashes out as possible. And ensure they can't escape out the garden when you do need to let them out. Also, try walk them before dark and the fireworks start. 

2. Create A Safe Place Indoors

Think - a safe and snuggly den for your pooch! A blanket draped over two chairs, a table or the back of the sofa will do the job, then try popping a couple of cushions in there to encourage them to have a snooze. But still let them have free run of the full house, so they can decide where they feel safest.

3. Use The Radio, TV Or A Tasty Chew For Distraction

Turn the volume sightly louder than you'd usually have it to help mask some of the noise. And then try a long-lasting dog chew (such as a dog antler chew) or a fun dog toy to keep them distracted and stimulated. We also stock a range of calming dog treats which can be helpful. 

4. Act Natural

If your dog sees that the fireworks don't bother you, then it will help relax them further. Dog's can pick up on nervous energy, so don't behave unusually with them by following them around or being overly affectionate. Act natural and play with them as you usually would. 

5. Ensure Your Dog's Microchip Info Is Correct

Make sure your name and address details are up to date and correct, just in case they get startled and make a run for it.