Top 4 Best Dog Beds For Summer

You know those nights when you sleep with just a sheet on as the duvet is too hot? Wouldn’t it be great if your dog could do the same?


Trying to find a dog bed for those hot and humid summer months can be a real challenge, so let us take some of the stress out of it and show you our top 4 picks for the best summer dog beds. 


Dog Bed Baskets

The House of Paws Kubu Oval Rattan Basket Dog Bed and The House of Paws Rattan Square Dog Bed are great for if your dog prefers a walled bed. These dog bed baskets are great for summer as they allow constant airflow to reach your dog but still gives them the comfort of feeling enclosed and safe. Both feature a water-resistant inner cushion that can be easily wiped clean or have a cold, wet towel place on top to cool down extra hot pups. 


Elevated Dog Bed

The elevated position of the Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed allows air to circulate between the ground and your pooches body to help keep them cool and comfortable. When the air is humid, the raised position also eliminates condensation which can form under your dog's bed where it sits directly on the floor.


The clever design of this elevated bed also allows the reverse to happen in winter. By lifting them off and away from the floor which becomes much colder during the cooler months, they stay toasty warm - so a great all-year-round choice. 


Dog Cooling Mat

The Dog Cooling Mat from Danish Design is filled with a non-toxic gel which is cool to the touch to effortlessly lower your dog’s body temperature quickly and efficiently. The cooling mat can be used as a stand-alone dog mat for them to sleep on or can be placed on top of their current dog bed. 


Is it an extra hot day? Then pop it in the fridge to increase its cooling effect even further!

Sophie Allport Woof Dog Mattress

Made from breathable, high-quality cotton this Sophie Allport Woof Dog Mattress is perfect for those warm days when your dog wants to catch some Zs. The hard-wearing, removable fabric cover is also water and stain-resistant and can be easily machine washed, meaning your dog can jump straight on after a cooling dip in the paddling pool! 


If it’s an extra hot day, then why not wet a towel or blanket and place it on top of their bed, this is a simple way to help them cool down if they’re prone to overheating. 


Check out our full range of dog cooling accessories and dog ice cream for a tasty treat this summer!