Top 5 Memory Foam & Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Dogs spend 80% of their time sleeping which can be between 12-14 hours per day, lucky things! So investing in a good quality, comfy and supportive dog bed is essential for their health and well being. 


Memory foam dog beds are designed to mould to the shape of your dog’s body and then fill in the gaps where they don’t make direct contact. This evenly distributes their weight and helps support their joints which is why all orthopaedic dog beds are made from memory foam, because dogs with arthritis, need extra support. 


Did you know that memory foam (or orthopaedic) dog beds are not just for older dogs who suffer from arthritis or joint problems? If you’ve ever gone bed shopping for yourself, you’ll have noticed that memory foam is everywhere, and for good reason - memory foam offers the best possible support. If your dog lives to be 10 years or older, they will almost certainly develop issues with their joints, just like humans do as we age. By introducing a supportive memory foam bed early on in your dog's life, it can help alleviate some of the joint issues that may occur later. 


Also, if your dog is a skinny or lean breed (greyhound or chihuahua for example) with very little padding under their elbows and hips, they are likely to develop callouses or pressure sores. The supportive nature of a memory foam dog bed can help prevent these from forming by easing the pressure put on these exposed areas.


Here are our top 5 dog beds from the memory foam range: 


Scruffs Hilton Memory Foam Dog Mattress

The Scruffs Hilton Memory Foam Dog Mattress range all feature a hard-wearing faux hessian chenille top fabric with faux leather sidewall trimmed with a contrasting piping and embroidered Scruffs logos. A water-resistant base means your dog will stay dry and comfy. Available in 3 different shades to match any home or dog!


Cath Kidston Dog Print Memory Foam Mattress

The Cath Kidston Dog Print Memory Foam Mattress features a breathable cotton outer cover which combats odour and helps regulate your dog's temperature. It's finished with real leather stitched logo and matching leather handles, has a non-slip base and the iconic Cath Kidston dog print design all over - beautiful! 


Scruffs Chateau Memory Foam Dog Mattress

The Scruffs Chateau Memory Foam Dog Mattress is covered in a luxury short-pile plush top cover with faux leather sidewalls and is available in a range of colours. The water-resistant liner helps protect the bed's memory foam filling against the ingress of water and odour. 


Danish Design Retreat Eco-Wellness Box Duvet

The Danish Design Retreat Eco-Wellness Dog Duvet is made from 100% recycled memory foam crumb filling, meaning the small pieces of foam mould around your dog providing excellent support and comfort. It has a removable outer cover so you can easily throw it the washing machine. 


Scruffs Expedition Orthopaedic Dog Pillow

The Scruffs Expedition Orthopaedic Dog Pillow is made from a durable 600 denier, water-resistant fabric meaning it has everyday practicality to go with its superior comfort of the memory foam filling.