Want to Make Walking Your Dog a Doddle?


So your dog has decided to do their business right beside a busy road. You drop the roll of poo bags while trying to tear one off, then you try to pick up your dog’s mess while balancing the lead in one hand, unravelled roll in the other, all while trying to seem like you’re totally in control… sound familiar?


Wouldn’t walking your dog and having everything you could possibly need in one hand be amazing? Well, it can be!



Introducing the I'm Gismo Dog Lead Handle. A strong, lightweight, ergonomic lead holder system which is customisable to simplify and de-stress your dog walks. 


The I'm Gismo Dog Lead Handle comes with a handy poo bag dispenser and used bag hanging clip already attached. With a soft-touch silicone grip for comfort, those sore hands from gripping a regular lead are a thing of the past!


The handles also feature a patented, anti-pull rail sliding system to make your dogs pulling and tugging on walks more manageable. The sliding and pivoting carabiner, which attaches to any lead style, absorbs abrupt movements of your dog and offers them a sense of freedom while on the lead. 


And what’s more, the handles come in 5 striking colours to match any dog lead and coat colour scheme.



You can then customise your handle to fit your dog walking needs...

Walk your dog at night? Then the rechargeable Flashlight Connectable is the thing for you!

Still training your dog or puppy or have a dog who is clicker trained? Why not add the Training Kit Connectable which features a clever dog treat holder and clicker.

Or do you own two dogs or fancy becoming a dog walker? You’ll want to try the Dual Dog Lead Connectable coupler to easily walk two dogs completely tangle-free!


These things are seriously handy for anyone who loves long dog walks but hates carrying all the accessories you’ll need on the way. Check out the full range of I'm Gismo Dog Lead Handles.