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What's Your Carbon Paw-Print?

Eco-friendly products for our beloved pets are becoming more and more popular. Here at Not In The Dog House, we are incredibly proud to offer a range of ethical and sustainable dog food brands that can help reduce your carbon paw-print. We wanted to share with you some yummy options for your dog's food and give you the chance to explore a greener path...


What's YORA Carbon Paw-Print?

YORA prides itself in providing sustainable and wholesome dog food ingredients that don't cost the earth using a genuinely novel protein source - insects! YORA takes whole insect larvae and gently dries them to create a protein-rich ‘flour’ that contains all of the precious nutrients and minerals your dog needs. YORA's insect-based protein has been proven to be even easier for your dog to digest than chicken, it's much higher quality, and is less processed than the meat meals typically found in most supermarket bought dog kibble.


YORA has not only created nutritious food that is good for your dog and the planet, they have also carefully researched the most nutritious vegetables that don’t require as much energy and water to grow. They ensure that their potatoes, oats, and beetroot are all ethically sourced and therefore help lower their carbon footprint. YORA even grows their oats right on their doorstep, in a field opposite their office.

The proof is in the pudding, and dogs love it! YORA has created a deliciously crunchy kibble that pooches adore! Even if they didn’t know they were helping the planet, dogs would choose Yora any day. And just when you thought YORA couldn't get any better... all their packaging is fully recyclable. 

Along with their popular dog food kibbles, YORA also offers a range of insect-based dog-treats which are packed full of the same nutritious insect protein, fresh fruits and vegetables. The Yora Insect Power Protein Bars are a firm favourite with our dog!



Edgard & Cooper Packaging Is Plants!

Edgard & Cooper's motto is 'make pals not plastic' as they are a nature-loving lot, just like us. We're really proud to stock them because their packaging doesn't hurt our planet. 

Their dog food and dog treat bags are made from plants, meaning they are fully biodegradable and break down naturally after around 6 months. Just pop them in your green bin waste when they're empty! Edgard & Cooper use two different types of plant-based material to make their bags; trees which are all from FSC certified forests (forests which are carefully managed and replanted) and potatoes, a low-intensity crop which is grown abundantly in Europe. 


Alongside their kibble bags, Edgard & Cooper's wet dog food tins are made from metal which is the world's most recycled material. Did you know that 75% of aluminium used since 1888 is still in use today - that's because it doesn't degrade after each use. Plus, they are a brilliant material for storing wet dog food to lock in the freshness. 

Once you pop your tins or wet food trays in your recycling bin, it takes just 60 days for the material to be processed and put back to work on the supermarket shelves - yay!



Wilson's Dog Food Goes Eco-Friendly

In a bid to reduce the use of plastic packaging, over the past 6 months, Wilsons' Dog Food has made eco-friendly changes to their packaging of both their Wilsons' Raw Frozen Dog Food and Wilsons' Cold-Pressed Dog Food ranges.

Wilsons are thrilled to place such emphasis on reducing the use of plastic in their products to help combat wider environmental issues, especially when it comes to their raw frozen dog food. In fact, Wilson’s became one of the first major pet food suppliers to move to completely recyclable and compostable packaging for their raw dog food. The raw dog food trays are compostable and the cardboard sleeve is fully recyclable - Well done Wilsons!


Now, go forth and be green!