Why Your Dog Needs A KONG Toy & What To Fill It With

Stuffing a sturdy KONG dog toy with treats or your own homemade recipes provides fun, long-lasting enjoyment for your dog and helps alleviate boredom if they’re on their own for long periods of time. The classic KONG toy itself is uniquely shaped, giving it an unpredictable bounce which triggers a dog’s chasing instinct. 

Kong Dog Toy 

KONG Dog Toy Key Benefits: 

  • KONG is a great mental exercise for your dog
  • Fulfils a dog’s need to ‘work’, giving them a job to do
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment once they’ve completed their ‘task’
  • Promotes good oral health - chewing the rubber helps clean teeth and control plaque
  • Chewing the KONG helps satisfy a dog’s natural chewing instinct
  • Helps puppies learn appropriate chewing behaviour (i.e. not your sofa!)
  • And lastly, keeps them out of your hair for a bit!
  • They can also help slow down a dog’s eating to help manage their weight

 Kong Dog Toy

What To Stuff Your Dog's KONG Toy With: 

It’s best to try and create different textures and tastes by layering up ingredients throughout the KONG to give your dog some variety. Once layered up, our top tip is to pop the KONG in the freezer to make it more challenging for your dog to remove all the tasty fillings. Here are some ideas of what to fill your Dog’s KONG with: 

  • Peanut butter (ensure that the spread you buy does not contain xylitol which is a common sugar replacement and is toxic for dogs) 
  • Greek yoghurt (also xylitol free)
  • Or mix peanut butter and greek yoghurt together (half and half) to make a creamy texture
  • Dog’s dinner layering: You’re filling backwards, so start with:
    • Dessert of greek yoghurt with blueberries and apples
    • Main course of cooked chicken chunks mixed with some Woof and Brew Dog Beer and mashed potato
    • Starter of cottage cheese mixed with carrots
    • And lastly, seal with peanut butter or KONG Easy Treat and pop in the freezer
  • Your dog’s favourite wet dog food mixed with apple or banana chunks
  • Try microwaving a little peanut butter until runny and mix in some tasty Sliced Venison Sausage treats
  • Or mix chopped apples into melted, runny peanut butter or greek yoghurt and seal with a squirt of KONG Easy Treat
  • KONG Stuff 'N Snacks which can be easily inserted into the KONG and will keep your dog occupied for hours!

We'd love to know the recipes you use, so pop us a message for your chance to feature!