Your Dog's Weird Habits Explained

Do you ever wonder why your dog has that mad 5 minutes of zoomies, or why they sometimes seem intent on eating grass? Well, read on…


The Zoomies

This is a pretty simple one, your dog is actually burning off excess energy. The technical term for Zoomies is actually Frenetic Random Activity Periods or 'FRAPS'. Running around like a nutter is your dog’s way of releasing pent-up energy and is also how they handle their excitement. 


Other animals species also partake in the occasional zoomie too... Horses, goats, cats, bears, elephants among many others. 

Circling Before Lying Down

Unlike us humans who just pull back the covers and get in, dogs like to spend a little longer preparing their ‘nest’ for a good snooze. This is a behaviour that experts believe has been carried over from their ancestral roots when dogs used to sleep in the wild.


It’s also suggested this could be your dog trying to keep themselves safe from any threats while asleep. Wild wolves would sleep with their nose in the direction of the wind so they could sniff out any potential predators creeping up. 


Making Eye Contact While Pooping

It’s weird and uncomfortable, so why does your dog insist on staring into your soul while doing their business? Well, it’s actually because they are seeking protection. Back in the wild, dogs needed to be alert at all times to protect themselves from predators and while assuming the pooping position, it leaves them extremely vulnerable. As pack leader, you provide safety for the pack, so they are actually looking to you for protection and a heads-up should a threat arise. This is the same reason why some dogs like going to the toilet in a secluded corner of the garden and why some don't like going while on the lead. 


So don’t be weirded out by it, take it as a compliment! 


Eating Grass

Most people think dog’s eat grass to make themselves sick, but experts suggest this is unlikely because dogs can’t diagnose and treat themselves in this way. Plus, very few dogs are actually sick after ingesting grass. 


In fact, most veterinarians consider this to be normal dog behaviour. They suggest that, alongside dogs just like the taste of grass, this might be a natural way of improving their digestion and getting extra fibre into their diet.


Head Tilting

It’s possibly one of the cutest things your dog does, and I reckon they know exactly why they’re doing it - treats! But apparently the most likely reason your dog tilts their head is to hear better. 


A dog’s hearing is so acute that a simple head tilt can allow your dog to hear more clearly. The outside of a dogs ear flap is called a pinna and dogs use it much like a radar dish to finely tune their hearing. Dog’s can hear much higher frequencies than humans which allows them to hear things which are much further away. However, they’re not as good as us for locating where a sound is coming from, meaning they need to reposition their heads to help pinpoint it (and they obviously do it for the treats too!).