Danish Design - Orange 2 in 1 Ultimate Dog Coat

Unique to Danish Design, the 2-in-1 Dog raincoat features a removable Polar Fleece liner, making it ideal for both the winter and warmer months. Attach / remove the liner to suit the conditions and keep your pooch as comfortable as possible. • Full chest protection • Removable fleece inner lining • Waterproof & Windproof • Breathable, Machine Washable Fabric • Light Reflective Beading and Fastening Strap

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Danish Design Dog Raincoat Size guide

Size (inches) Size (cm) Example breed
8" 20cm Chihuahua
10" 25cm Mini Dachsund
12" 30cm Jack Russell
14" 35cm French Bulldog
16" 40cm Beagle
18" 45cm Cocker Spaniel
20" 50cm Vizla
22" 55cm Labrador
14" 60cm Retriever
26" 65cm German Shepherd
28" 70cm Rhodesian Ridgeback
30" 75cm Newfoundland
32" 70cm Great Dane
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