Buying Dog Clothes: a Guide

Dog Clothes Buying Guide

Yes, it’s true. You really can buy a tweed hat for your dog. Your greyhound can wear a bow tie. Dog collars now come with designer names attached.

We Brits love our pets, so it’s little surprise that we like to treat them like this. Who doesn’t want their pooch to cut a dash down the park?

But clothes for dogs also serve serious purposes. Despite being covered in fur, our canine chums are can suffer in cold, heat, wind and rain just as much as us humans. That’s why you can buy waterproof coats made from a range of materials – from durable nylon to luxurious puffers with fleece lining. Not only are these cool to look at, but superbly practical.

It’s little wonder that with all this demand that companies such as Danish Design, Ruff & Tumble have sprung up to answer to the demand for stylish pet clobber. Not only can you keep your furry companion warm and dry, but they can practically strut down the catwalk in the finery.

Choosing the Right Clothes

With such an array of dog clothing to choose from, where do you begin? While it might be tempting to go for the item that looks the cutest, it’s worth remembered that clothes for the most part serve a serious purpose. Luckily, every item we sell is made from good, durable material, but there are a few things to take into account.

The material you choose is important. Not all dog coats are rainproof for example, so make sure you read the product description if that is an issue for you. Don’t forget that clothing is for year round wear. Many of our coats have removable fleece linings for example, so that they are suitable for warm and cold weather alike.

If you are forced by circumstance to walk your dog at dark or early in the morning, you might want to choose items that have reflective strips in case they should slip the leash.

In purely practical terms, you should also consider the fastenings. If your dog is big and boisterous or small and wriggly, you may want to think about underbelly Velcro fastenings to make it as easy as possible to get your dog’s coat on and off.

Most of our dog clothing is machine washable, but it’s wise to check to be sure you’re getting something that is practical for your lifestyle.

Sizewise, most of our dog clothing products have a sizing guide attached. Whether you’re buying for a large breed such as a labradoodle or german shepherd, or something with a slighter build such as a greyhound or whippet, you can get a sense for the size of product you need by measuring their back from the base of the neck to the tail. This measurement is used to determine the size of coat your dog will need. Why not check out our dog clothes size guide for further help?

Most dog hats and bandanas will fit any breed as they are adjustable – even our novelty items like Christmas santa hats!

Drying Coats

Your dog’s inbuilt actual coat of fur will always be prone to getting wet and muddy, which can create quite a stink! One potential solution that can save your towels is to buy a dog drying coat. These are effectively coats made from materials such as towelling or microfibre that will soak up the wetness and smell from your dog on the drive home.

Putting one on when you get your dog back to the car can also save your upholstery from that wet dog smell, so we’re pretty keen for you to think about that as a factor.


When it comes to style, the world is your oyster! Our dog clothing is available in all kinds of styles and fabrics. We’ve already mentioned durable waterproof nylon, but our range of coats includes puffer jackets and fleece lined jackets in all colours – including polka dots and stripes. If you’re looking for something a little more refined, we have several jackets in Harris tweed and even cable knit!