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Dog Breeds

Dogs have been bred for various qualities over the centuries. Some were bred for their prowess at hunting, others for their speed, some for their ferocity and loyalty. While most dogs no longer work as such, they retain the physical and temperamental characteristics for which they were bred. Terriers are lively and tenacious, retrievers are loyal and obediant. No surprise then that while dogs need more or less the same kind of protein-heavy diet, some breeds are more prone to particular conditions due to their physical build. The most obvious example might the Dachshund - whose short legs and long back make it more prone to back problems than most breeds. Heavier dogs will naturally be more likely to suffer from joint problems. Lively breeds might just need more food to keep going.

With that in mind, we've drawn up a brief guide to some of the most popular dog breeds in the UK today. We don't claim to be the authority, and always recommend you speak to a vet, the RSPCA or the Kennel Club for more information. However, we can offer you an overview of each breeds characteristics with some insight as to what kind of foods and healthcare might be most suitable for them. We are also pleased to say we can definitely supply our dog clothing to suit you canine friend whatever their size!