Dog Coat Size Guide

Dog Coat Size guide

Buying a coat for your dog is a great idea. With a variety of coats to suit warm, cold, wet and dry weather, we're pleased to be able to be offer coats from some of the leading UK brands - including Danish Design, Ruff & Tumble, Country & Twee and more.

You want to make sure that the coat you buy is not only stylish, but comfortable for your canine companion and the best way to do this is to make sure you buy the right size. Our sizing guide is available on many of our product pages, but the sizes apply across all brands. 

To get the right fit of coat for your dog, measure from the base of their neck to the base of their tail (there's an illustration below to help you visualise this). Use that measurement to choose the right size. This table indicates which sizes typically fit which breeds, but obviously we advise using your own measurements to make sure the coat is as comfortable as possible.

Roughly speaking, small breeds from chihuahuas to Jack Russell fit within the 20cm-30cm range. medium breeds from French Bulldog to Vizla are within the range 30-45cm, and breeds above that size (Labrador to Great Dane) are over 45cm. 

Size (inches) Size (cm) Example dog breed
8" 20cm Chihuahua
10" 25cm Mini Dachsund
12" 30cm Jack Russell
14" 35cm French Bulldog
16" 40cm Beagle
18" 45cm Cocker Spaniel
20" 50cm Vizla
22" 55cm Labrador
14" 60cm Retriever
26" 65cm German Shepherd
28" 70cm Rhodesian Ridgeback
30" 75cm Newfoundland
32" 80cm Great Dane

Dog Coat Sizing Guide