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Jack Russell

The much-beloved Jack Russell is named after the Reverend John Russell, who first bred the dogs for hunting. As a terrier, they are naturally vivacious and energetic. You’ll need to give them plenty of exercise and attention!

They are usually relatively short haired, with stiff fur, but can come with “broken” coats – which normally shows as longer hair on the face, head and neck.

With their background as a hunting breed, they are tough, tenacious dogs with a great deal of natural intelligence. As such they are also relatively demanding – you’ll certainly not find yourself short of exercise. If you leave them unstimulated they can have a proneness to become moody and even destructive.

A great side effect of this natural zest in their makeup is that Jack Russells are a hardy breed who suffer from relatively few ailments (barring bad luck!) If you keep your Jack Russell topped up with a good quality dog food, you can expect them to live for 13-16 years.

If you are thinking of taking a Jack Russell under your wing, we recommend – as ever – talking to a vet, RSPCA or the Kennel Club for a fuller picture of their health and lifestyle needs.