Poultry for Dogs

Like red meat, poultry is a common ingredient in dog food – and a great source of easily digestible protein. Like red meats, it is prepared in various ways for use in dog food – from cold pressing to fresh. More affordable than red meat, poultry is commonplace in dog foods of all kinds. The most common kinds of bird used in dog food are similar to those we ourselves eat: chicken, turkey and duck.


Chicken is not only the most commonly found poultry in dog food, but the most popular meat overall. Chicken is cheap and abundant and an excellent source of the animal protein your dog needs for a healthy diet. As with all meats, it is processed in various ways for consumption. Fresh raw chicken, all the way to meat meal.

However, as chicken is so widely used it is also the meat to which dogs have developed dietary intolerance most commonly. If your dog is prone to dietary intolerance and chicken is a large part of their diet, this might be something to consider.


Turkey is the second most common poultry found in dog food. It is readily available in pre-prepared form, dried, or cold-pressed.

It actually has some dietary advantages over chicken as it is lower in calories and fat. This makes it an ideal choice for older dogs in particular. If your dog has a dietary intolerance to chicken, then turkey is a great substitute.


As for humans, duck is the most expensive of the poultry dog food ingredients. Ducks are slower to reach maturity and need more space and care and this is reflected in their price. However if you can afford it, then duck is a wonderful food for dogs. Not only is it a superb source of protein, but it includes plenty of Vitamins A and B3. Vitamin A is great for skin, coat and muscles (if your dog is short of Vitamin A you may notice a loss of gloss to their coat). Vitamin B3 (also known as Niacine) is essential for your dog’s digestive health. It is key to breaking down fats and proteins for effective digestion.

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