Why Protein is so Important for Dogs

animal protein is perfect for a dog's diet

Protein is the bedrock of a dog’s diet. Every cell in their body contains protein, and it is essential for healthy growth and tissue repair. Protein is also a valuable source of energy for dogs.

Although not entirely  carnivorous, dogs’ natural diet is made up largely of meat. In the wild, dog species such as wolves eat almost exclusively protein from animals such as other mammals, birds and fish. Their digestive system has evolved to handle and digest these large quantities of meat. This is why the dog foods we sell have such a high meat content. This is also the reason we sell grain free dog foods, because dogs’ digestive systems cannot process grains like wheat.

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, many commercial dog foods such as those you would buy at a supermarket are bulked out by the addition of useless wheat and grains. In fact, some manufacturers claimed until recently that too much protein was harmful for dogs as a way to justify a lower protein content – often as little as 20-30%.

Research has shown that this is nonsense and now it is recommended that your dog gets as much protein as possible. Because the cost of animal protein can be high, some foods are sold which use vegetable proteins. While these technically fulfil the protein needs of your dog’s diet, dogs actually find it harder to digest vegetable protein. This can cause dietary intolerance – including flatulence and diarrhoea.

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