Benyfit Natural - Turkey Necks

Benyfit Natural - Turkey Necks

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Complementary Adult Dog Raw Bones

Raw Turkey Necks are an irresistible raw treat for any dog. The combination of bone, cartilage and connective tissues, plus the high nutritional value, make these ideal to serve alongside a raw dog food diet. Chewing raw bones has a calming effect on dogs and added dental health benefits too.

Ethically sourced in the UK and delivered frozen. Free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. We recommend defrosting in a sealed container at room temperature for 2-4 hours or in the fridge overnight before giving to your dog.

We strongly advise the following:

  • Never feed cooked bones
  • Never leave a dog unattended with a bone
  • Always feed bones appropriate to the dog’s age, size and breed
  • If storing in between uses, rinse the bone and store in a suitable container in the fridge
  • Normal hygiene rules apply for preparing and handling fresh/raw ingredients
  • Always dispose of any uneaten material after 24 hours post defrost

Benyfit Natural Raw Turkey Necks are available in 1kg bags.