Fresco - Dry Raw Light Menu Turkey with Cucumber, Peach and Sea Buckthorn Berries
Fresco - Dry Raw Light Menu Turkey with Cucumber, Peach and Sea Buckthorn Berries
Fresco - Dry Raw Light Menu Turkey with Cucumber, Peach and Sea Buckthorn Berries
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fresco - Dry Raw Light Menu Turkey with Cucumber, Peach and Sea Buckthorn Berries
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fresco - Dry Raw Light Menu Turkey with Cucumber, Peach and Sea Buckthorn Berries
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Fresco - Dry Raw Light Menu Turkey with Cucumber, Peach and Sea Buckthorn Berries

Fresco - Dry Raw Light Menu Turkey with Cucumber, Peach and Sea Buckthorn Berries

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FRESCO Dry Raw Food Light Turkey Menus are created with simply turkey meat, calcium bones, vegetables, fruits and high-quality oils only, all necessary nutrients are included in these basic natural ingredients. Our Light menus are a great alternative to raw dog food diets all while maintaining a high-quality diet for your dog without any additional nasty ingredients.
No artificial minerals, Vitamins or Grains are added to any of our recipes.

What are FRESCO Light Menus?

Our light menu range of Dry RAW food's are a complementary food which can be used to balance your dog's diet to suit their specific dietary requirements to create a complete meal, with 60% fresh meat content plus added fresh vegetables and fruits helps make this range perfect for dog's who are prone to weight gain. You can combine this diet with our Complete Plus range to balance the diet to your dog's individual needs or feed alongside their DIY RAW dog food meals to offer a fully balanced meal.

Our unique air & freeze-drying process maintains a limited ingredient & high protein diet for your dog without the common inconveniences which conventional raw dog food feeding.
Say Goodbye to....Storage issues, large order quantities and defrosting times.

How can my dog benefit from FRESCO Dry RAW?
Whilst combining only the freshest European ingredients into one healthy meal you can be sure to feed the highest nutritionally beneficial diet for your dog. Our Dry RAW food starts life as a simple raw dog food diet which we then gently remove nearly all the moisture to form a crunchy wholesome meal.

Did you know... Our FRESCO Dry RAW recipes can be fed alongside your dog's current frozen raw diet? This is a great option to offer a crunchy texture while offering and maintaining a healthy meal for your dog.

Our Dry RAW food is also the perfect solution for going away on holiday when taking frozen raw food is not possible, simply pick up the bag and go!

Top Tip: You can also mix our Dry RAW diets with our Wet Food options too, check out our full Wet Food range today, click here.

Variety is key...

Feeding a variety of proteins is key to offering a naturally balanced diet, with our Dry RAW Menu's you can easily balance your dog's diet across a range of air-dried options. We recommend feeding a minimum of 3 different proteins across a 6 week period, this is to ensure a fully balanced diet.

How is FRESCO Dry RAW made?
The production process of our FRESCO Dry RAW. differs from all conventional "premium" dry foods available in the UK market. Instead of extruding the ingredients under high pressure and high temperatures (pressure cooker), we simply dry in an elaborate and gentle air & freeze-drying process.

For the production of our Dry RAW range, we use on average 4kg or fresh raw material which results in 1kg of the finished product. As we remove nearly all of the moisture content from the fresh material its results in a hard & crunchy texture.

Dry RAW Complete Plus Beef example:

Why chose FRESCO Dry RAW?
Your dog is not only harmed by environmental influences but also increasingly by the ingredients in their daily food. The preservatives, additives and chemical residues often contained within conventional dog food brands can be jointly responsible for diseases such as tumours, kidney and liver damage, impairments in the musculoskeletal system, fertility disorders and allergies. We have therefore decided not to use any additives within our FRESCO Dry RAW diets or across any products which we manufacture and sell.

General supermarket dog food is made from inferior raw materials, mainly cereals, bone meal and fats. Often, only a very small amount of fresh meat is contained within the food, instead, meat flours are processed and often declared as dried meat. In comparison, FRESCO Dry RAW relies exclusively on natural ingredients. In our food you will only find fresh meat, bones and offal, vegetables, fruit and selected oils.

Which ingredients do we use & why?

20% Turkey Breast Fillet, 20% Fresh Turkey Stomach, 15% Fresh Turkey Heart, 12% Carrots, 12% Cucumber, 5% Turkey Necks, 5% Turkey Liver, 5% Fresh Peach, 2% Broccoli, 0.5% Sea Buckthorn Berries, 0.4% Linseed oil, 0.3% Dandelion, 0.2% "Gluten-Free" Wheat Germ Oil, 0.4% Seaweed, 0.1% Green-Lipped Sea Mussel Extract, Basil, Artichoke Leaves, Psyllium.

Nutritional Analysis:
Protein 46%, Crude Oils and Fat 20%, Moisture 6.8%, Crude Ash 7%, Crude Fibres 1.8%

Complementary food for dogs

Let's explore these ingredients in more detail...

Fresh Turkey Breast Fillet (20%)
Your dog requires proteins to build up and maintain organs, muscles and the functionality of enzymes. Meat is a good source of protein because it contains all the essential amino acids in the right ratio to each other and therefore has a high biological value. Meat also contains iron, zinc, selenium and B vitamins.
Fresh turkey breast fillet

Fresh Turkey Stomach (20%)
Turkey stomach is particularly valuable ingredients within your dog's diet as already contains pre-digested grain residues. The bacteria in the turkey stomach has been already unlocked and converted into high-quality protein. It has an important beneficial effect on your dog's digestion system.
fresh turkey stomach

Fresh Turkey Heart (15%)
Turkey heart mainly consists of muscles, i.e. meat. It is very high in protein and contains hardly any fat. It provides high-quality Biotin and Potassium.
fresh turkey heart

Fresh Carrots directly from the farm (12%)
Handpicked by our team of local farmers our carrots are added to this diet as they contain many Vitamins and Minerals (especially potassium). They also contain saponins and flavonoids, which have an appetizing and digestive effect.

Fresh carrots

Tasty Cucumber directly from the farm (12%)
We include Cucumber's as they can help with the digestion of meat. It has very few calories and yet lots of nutrients such as Vitamins C, B and E, as well as Zinc, iron, Phosphorus and Potassium.
Tasty Cucumber

Fresh Turkey Necks (5%)
A natural diet for dogs must contain a source of calcium, dogs rely on this to help build and maintain a healthy frame structure. We include Turkey Neck's within this diet to help offer a natural supply of calcium while also including high levels of valuable fatty acids and enzymes.
Fresh turkey neck

Fresh Turkey Liver (5%)
We include Turkey Liver within this diet as it is particularly valuable as it contains high levels of iron and many vitamins (A, B 2, B 12, biotin, etc.) which is essential for your dog's diet.
Fresh turkey liver

Tasty Peaches directly from the farm (5%)
Our hand-picked Peaches are included within this food as they contain many valuable vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A, B1 along with being a supplier of thiamine which can help aid brain functionality.
fresh peaches

Broccoli directly from the farm (2%)
Broccoli offers the benefit of being low in calories with including high levels of Vitamin's which can help strengthen your dog's immune system.
Fresh broccoli

Sea Buckthorn Berries directly from the farm (0.5%)
Sea Buckthorn's offer a natural source of Vitamins B & C, Manganese and Copper, Carotene, iron, Potassium, Sodium and anthocyanins. This particular healthy berry really does pack a punch to keep your dog healthy and active.

Sea Buckthorn berries

Linseed Oil (0.4%)
Linseed is included within this meal as it is an important supplier of Vitamin E, linoleic and alpha-linoleic acid as well as essential fatty acids.
Linseed oil

Dandelion (0.3%)
Handpicked Dandelion is added as it contains important Vitamin K and high levels of Vitamin C.

"Gluten-Free" Wheat Germ Oil (0.2%)
European Wheat Germ Oil is included as it is high levels of Vitamin E which can help develop strong and healthy muscles, healthy circulatory and immune systems within your dog's body & structure.

Gluten free Wheat germ oil

Green Lipped Sea Mussel Extra (0.1%) Sea-weed (0.4%)
Our team of experienced fishermen gather only the finest quality Seaweed & Green Lipped Sea Shell's directly from the sea bed. Both ingredients offer many important suppliers minerals such as (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iodine).
Green Lipped sea muscle extra

Freshly picked Basil directly from the farm
Basil is added to help aid the digestive effect along with naturally offering antiviral and antibacterial properties.
Freshly picked basil

Artichokes Leaves
We include Artichokes Leaves within this food as they are packed with natural vitamin C, Folic acid, Potassium, Niacin, and lots of Antioxidants.
Artichoke leaves

Psyllium is a unique ingredient which we add to this food as it has a positive effect on the dog's digestion, while also helping promote a healthy metabolism and can alleviate allergies. It's is regarded as one of the best natural sources of fibre which is essential for healthy intestinal function.