Fresco - Yak Chews
Fresco - Yak Chews
Fresco - Yak Chews
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Fresco - Yak Chews

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FRESCO Yak Chews are a cheesy flavoured dog chew with a difference as they are made with 100% European Cow's Milk and with no meat! Your dog will love their new cheesy Yak chews it offers sturdy durability which can help naturally strengthen your dog's dental muscles and help keep their teeth clean and vibrant.

What are Yak Chews?
Our Yak Chews for dogs are made from simply 100% Cow's Milk which is turned into a cheese-like consistency, gently pressed to remove any excess liquid then air-dried to perfection. The end results is a healthy Low in Fat chew for dogs which will keep them entertained while not pilling on the pounds.

How do we source our Yak chews?
Our YAK chews are made in Belgium by a team of cheese professionals using only fresh Belgian cow's milk in each chew.

We proudly offer only European Yak Chews and never from China or India.

Did you know...
Unlike many other YAK chews brands & retailers in Europe we do not use the milk of Yak or any milk products from outwith Europe. Many brands import their YAK chew directly from Nepal & India, both of these countries suffer from and cannot control their current foot and mouth disease in their cattle. This is why this particular product when sold in the USA is irradiated to kill the nasty bacteria. However, we do not do this process in Europe as it is banned for pet food.

Yak Chew Benefits:

  • Made in Belgium
  • Long-Lasting
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Made with European Cow's Milk
  • Helps support healthy gums and teeth
  • Raw feeding friendly
  • No added Synthetics or Preservatives

We offer our Yak Chewsin 4 size options, each pack contains 1 piece:

  • Small (30-40g)
  • Medium (65-80g)
  • Large (135-150g)
  • X-Large (185-220g)

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A complementary treat for dogs
Suitable for dog's over 12 weeks of age.

Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available with your dog treats, chews or food.

Ingredients: 100% Cow's Milk

Which Yak would chew would best suit my dog?
Check out our feeding guide below,

Yak Chew Size Dog Size
Small upto 5kg
Medium 5kg to 10kg
Large 10kg to 20kg
X-Large 20kg+

Nutritional Analysis:

Protein 73%
Fat 1%
Moisture 9.5%

Please note: As this is a natural product, the size, colour, and shape may differ from the picture shown.

Made in Germany

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